Top Courses to Know More about Dealing with Cyber Attacks

Business organizations, large or small, are always on the search for qualified cybersecurity personnel to strengthen their digital infrastructure and protect their data from unauthorized invasions. It’s also one of the most neglected fields among programmers, mainly from India.

Even though there are numerous job openings in the country, recruiters face a significant issue seeking qualified candidates for the roles. As the country creates tremendous prospects, businesses are anxious to hire people for high-paying jobs; nevertheless, major upskilling is necessary. Here are some of the best colleges for cyber security and the best cyber security courses in India.

PG Diploma/MTech in Cybersecurity – Reva University

REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE) is a REVA University project that provides a variety of specialized, techno-functional programs in developing technological fields custom-designed to meet the needs of working people looking to further their careers.

These programs incorporate the most recent tools, processes, and skillsets that are in tune with the industry’s future demands. It concentrates on delivering comprehensive knowledge and abilities in the fields of information security, cloud security, application security,  identity and access management, incident management, vulnerability and penetration testing, and SOC services.

Post-Graduation Program in Cybersecurity – IIDT

The International Institute of Digital Technologies (IIDT) is an autonomous organization established by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.  The goal of this is to ensure that the student population across India is equipped with developing technologies.

• The paradigm focuses on academic and industry collaborations for the production and delivery of course content.

• The sophisticated Cyber Range Lab, with the establishment of Centers of Excellence (CoE), will provide deep-digital exposure via real-life use-cases and projects.

• Global mentor network to increase students’ exposure to the industry.

Certified Information Security Consultant – Institute of Information Security

For almost a decade, the Institute of Information Security has provided exceptional, unrivaled practical training to individuals and corporations all over the world.  The training programs are designed keeping the needs of the industry in mind and to equip the candidates who tend to meet the obstructions they will encounter in real-life circumstances.

Fundamentals, network security, coding, server security, online application security, mobile security, digital forensics, and compliance are all covered in the course.

The Certified information security consultant training is intended to prepare you to be a cybersecurity expert. While most certification programs focus solely on technical knowledge, the CISC also provides you with the essential consulting expertise to enable you to build a name in this exciting industry. CISC covers an extensive range of topics, beginning with the fundamentals and progressing to compliance standards, analytics, and cybercrime investigations.

PGP in Cybersecurity – Praxis business school

Praxis Business School is dedicated to contributing significantly to the development of a strong core of personnel that understands the interplay of data, technology, and business. Praxis provides a two-year AICTE-approved PGDM degree and a nine-month full-time program in data science and cybersecurity.

In addition, Praxis is introducing a nine-month PGP in data engineering. The program is intended to strengthen industry-ready cyber warriors by tackling the three pillars of the cybersecurity ecosystem — people, methods, and technology — with a focus on governance and agreement.

Upon completion, participants get additional certification opportunities from BSI and CISCO. The renowned Praxis Placement Program manages the participant transition to a promising career.

Post Graduate Diploma in Cybersecurity – Amity Online

Careers of Tomorrow is a global certified Amity Education Group project that provides high-end specialty programs to develop and strengthen students and working experts for the future and to develop enterprise requirements in the Technology domain. Amity’s Post Graduate Diploma in Cybersecurity will provide the knowledge and abilities required to become a specialist in this rapidly increasing field.

You will discover a method to guard the IT infrastructure, generate intelligence for threat detection, carry out cybersecurity activities, comprehend ICS security, architect cloud-based security, and achieve compliance. You will not only learn about the interdependence of Machine Learning, Blockchain, and IoT with Cybersecurity, but you will also gain powerful acumens from the best industry experts.

Master Certificate in Cyber Security– Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy provides courses that are precisely organized and have an industry-relevant curriculum. The course includes more than 14 exercises distributed into three phases with a focus on network foundations, Windows and Linux administration, application hacking, and penetration testing on new technologies such as IoT.

Cyber Pro Track – PurpleSynapz

PurpleSynapz is a hyper-realistic research and training facility dedicated to developing the next generation of cybersecurity experts. It seeks to establish a cybersecurity talent pipeline in order to alleviate India’s shortage of competent professionals.

Cyber Pro is a four-month full-time certification course with a two-month internship designed by one of the industry’s top information security practitioners and consultants. The program includes a modern curriculum divided into nine courses as well as a hyper-realistic simulation lab where participants may battle real-life cyber threats in a controlled setting.

Cybersecurity Specialization Coursera

The University of Maryland’s Cybersecurity Specialization course on Coursera is the best way to learn about cyber security.

The Cybersecurity specialization examines the fundamental concepts behind the development of safe systems. Concepts are introduced through examples from current practice, which are accompanied by exercises incorporating relevant instruments and techniques. Students will develop a security-oriented way of thinking, as well as deeper knowledge about attackers and how to construct systems that fight against them.

Stanford advanced computer security certificate program – Great Learning

Great Learning is a training organization that uses technology to deliver online and blended-model education. Business analytics, data science, big data, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, digital marketing, and digital business are the skills taught in the programs.

Stanford advanced cybersecurity certificate program is designed for aspiring security and system architects and provides a comprehensive overview of the numerous moving pieces of cybersecurity. Web application security, cryptography, mobile security, network security, developing safe code, and other rising dangers and defenses are the subjects addressed in the curriculum.

Cybersecurity Certification Course – Edureka

Edureka is a global e-learning platform that provides live, instructor-led training in cutting-edge technology. The Cybersecurity Certification Course from Edureka will assist learners in mastering the fundamental ideas of cybersecurity and the practices that must be performed to ensure an organization information security.

Beginning with the fundamentals of security this course will take you through cryptography, application security, computer networks and security, cyber-attacks, data and endpoint security, idAM, cloud security, and various business security practices. This course is aimed to cover a systematic and broad range of essential topics in cybersecurity, preparing both freshers and IT experts for the next level of selection such as ethical hacking, GRC, security architecture, audit and compliance. This course is intended to be the initial step in learning cybersecurity.


Now that you have reviewed the best colleges for cyber security, you are better equipped to choose a course for yourself. There aren’t many Cybersecurity professionals out there, knowing this area can be highly beneficial in terms of jobs and careers. That concludes our discussion of some of the top Cyber Security courses to take in 2021.

As previously said, businesses of all sizes are focusing heavily on internet security and allocating significant resources to the cause. This is most likely the best time to become a Cyber Security expert, All that is necessary is the willingness and commitment to put in a genuine effort. If you want to master cybersecurity and land a career as a security expert, these courses can be beneficial.

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