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Different Defective Parts That Can Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Thousands of Americans experience injuries and fatalities due to motorcycle accidents every year. While most of these accidents are caused by drivers’ negligence, certain bike crashes can be attributed to defective vehicle parts.

Bike manufacturers have a duty only sell products free from any manufacturing or design defects, as such flaws can compromise the vehicle’s safety. If the manufacturer fails to meet their obligation, they can be held accountable for all the damages they have incurred due to defective manufacturing or design. If you or your loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident due to defective bike parts, reputed law firms like Nicolet Law Accident and Injury Lawyers can assist you.

Let’s look at some of the motorbike’s parts that can be defective and cause a mishap on the road.

Motorcycle Frame

The frame or the chassis makes the primary structure of the bike that holds together different parts of the vehicle to present it as a coherent body. Seemingly minor defects in the chassis, such as a small fracture, can lead to serious road accidents that can often inflict life-threatening injuries.

Unexpected Engine Failure

Unexpected engine failure is one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents. The problem results in an unexpected breakdown of your bike, which can be disastrous, especially if it happens on the road.

While most drivers can detect certain defects due to changes in the vehicle’s functionality and noise levels, however, many are unable to predict engine failure, as it often happens without warning.

Unfortunately, it is a serious defect that can cause your motorcycle to stop or stall in situations where it needs to be moving.

Brake Failure

A defective brake can lead to a terrifying outcome for any vehicle. However, it is a grave concern for motorcycle riders. Since motorbikes are not protected against collision, brake failure often results in a crash and subsequent injuries. When driving at high speed with defective brakes, the rider cannot stop the vehicle and often ends up in a serious accident.

Fuel Tank Flaws

Motorbikes can come with flawed fuel tanks. The manufacturing fault results in the leakage of dangerous, flammable fuel, which can quickly be a potential cause of bike fire.

Unfortunately, it is a defect that often goes unnoticed by the bikers, resulting in a disastrous fire.

Defective Handlebars

Handlebars are one of the essential parts that help riders control and keep the vehicle on the desired path. However, defects such as mistreatment of the heat can cause the handlebars to move and crack. As a result, the rider’s control over the scooter is significantly reduced, which can augment the risk of a crash.

Unstable Wheels

In case of a defective wheel, the vehicle can turn out to be highly unstable and can cause the rider to deviate from its path. The flaw in the tires and wheels often leads to an accident, especially as the riders try to reduce their speed.

If your vehicle has a defective tire affecting your motorbike’s stability, the manufacturer can be legally held liable for any injuries resulting from this defect.

Unreasonable Design

A design defect can lead to several potential problems for the riders and increase the likelihood of accidents. Some motorcycles are more difficult to see when it’s dark out. So, It would be beneficial to change the design color, like those Honda CRF graphics, to make it more visible on the road, preventing any potential hazards.

Therefore, manufacturers must be aware of the potential problems that can arise due to design defects.

Moreover, in case of a mishap due to the bike’s faulty design, the legal system protects the rider by entitling them to claim damage.

Final Words

Defective parts and design cost many riders their lives every year. Moreover, accidents not involving fatalities are highly likely to result in life-threatening injuries. While drivers are responsible for taking all the necessary precautions for safely riding the bike, bike manufacturers are also legally responsible for creating a safe bike for the riders.

In case of a motorcycle accident resulting from defective bike parts or design, seek justice as soon as possible and get your rightful claim.

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