determining the right tent size

What to Consider When Determining the Right Tent Size for Your Event

Commercial tents are essential when you’re hosting an outdoor event. They provide your guests with excellent shelter so they can delight in the party, recognizing there’s cover regardless of the weather.

Numerous individuals utilize tents for their business and at-home parties. Over the years, tents have advanced in design, technology, and more. Determining the right tent size is crucial to throwing a magnificent outdoor event, but this can intimidate.

No tent suits all party sizes; for example, a 20×40 frame tent is for a large group of people. Your guest count is one way to determine the correct tent size. While the number of guests at your event is vital information, the seating arrangement is also very instrumental in establishing the tent size you’ll require for your event. Read on to discover more.

Theater-style seating

This style is as it sounds the chairs are arranged in rows facing the same direction towards a ceremony arch, stage, or other central points. These rows can be kept jointly for outdoor conferences, concerts, and more or split into two segments to make an aisle for a wedding.

Since this seating arrangement lets chairs be close together and requires fewer tables, you can fit many persons in this arrangement, unlike others. This seating is usually only utilized for ceremonies at weddings or open-air staged events and accommodates twice the number of guests a sit-down dinner arrangement can accommodate.

For frame party tents, you’ll need 30′ x 30′ for 150 guests, 20′ x 30′ frame tent for 100 guests, and 20′ x 20′ for 50 guests. For pole tents, you’ll require 40′ x 200′ for 1142 guests, 40′ x 160′ for 900 guests, and 40′ x 120′ for 665 guests.


Cocktail arrangements often include tall tables for visitors to relax and chat and are usually standing-room-only, with maybe a few seats scattered around. This arrangement is ideal for including a cocktail moment for wedding guests, and some partners host entirely cocktail-style weddings with appetizers served in place of a full meal or buffet.

Guests still demand roughly eight sq feet each person, but you should also consider the tables your guests will eat and drink at. You will still be in a position to accommodate a massive group of persons without requiring a large tent if you wish to incorporate a cocktail area at your occasion or host a wholly cocktail-style occasion for your guests.

For frame tents, 30′ x 45′ will accommodate 150 guests, 20′ x 40′ for 100 guests and 20′ x 20′ 50 guests while 60′ x 180′ 900 guests, 40′ x 160′ 800 guests, and 40′ x 120′ 600 guests for pole tents.

Banquet seating

Whether you’re organizing a grand event, medieval-themed festivity, or intimate wedding, this set-up suits you. Banquet seating often incorporates tables for visitors to sit at and provides your guest with an open, family-dining experience. It’s the ideal choice if a buffet is added to your occasion since the long buffet tables will fit rightly within your arrangement.

If you are organizing a huge event and desire the best value for money when it comes to selecting the size of your tent, this is a perfect selection. Since the straight tables demand less space while still allowing your visitors adequate room, you’ll require ten sq. ft. for each person. This is fairly less than if your guests sit at circular tables.

You need 30′ x 45′ for 150 guests, 30′ x 30′ for 100 guests, 20′ x 30′ for 50 guests for frame wedding tents, and 40′ x 180′ for 600 guests, 40′ x 160′ for 533 guests, and 40′ x 120′ for 400 guests for pole tents.

Sit-down dinner

Sit-down dinners are the well-liked option for many corporate occasions, weddings, and company parties with catered food. Usually, this set-up includes spherical tables for visitors and allows the catering team to either bring pre-plated foods to your guests or arrange the tables with foods to pass around.

Sit-down dinner arrangement takes up much space due to the spherical tables your visitors are going to it at, and you’ll require approximately 12 sq. ft. for visitors in this arrangement.

For frame tents, you’ll require a 30′ x 60′ tent for 150 guests, 30′ x 45′ for 100 guests, and 20′ x 30′ for 50 guests while for pole party tents, 480 guests will need 40′ x 80′, 373 guests 40′ x 140′ and 320 guests 40′ x 120′.

Put into account the extra tables

Once you have settled on your seating set-up and the number of visitors for your party, you aren’t done! You still have to include all the extra space needed for various event spaces.

Put into consideration a booth, separate cocktail area, gift table, sign-in area, DJ, and anything else you’ll need to be included into your final budget to find the correct tent size for your occasion.

Hopefully, you have the information you need to locate the right size for your wedding tents. No matter the event you are hosting, there is a tent to accommodate it. By paying attention to your event’s seating arrangement and the number of visitors in attendance, this task will be exceedingly easy—all the best with your planning.

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