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Why Should You Hire A Digital Agency For Social Media Marketing?

Social media is an effective channel for reaching new audiences, engaging existing customers, generating leads, and increasing sales. Dubai has a vast number of people who regularly use social media. About 7.77 million use Facebook, while 6.68 million use Instagram.

Hiring a digital marketing company in Dubai gives you access to various marketing services, including social media marketing. Using the right social media marketing helps you reach the maximum number of users and potential customers on social media.

Here, you will find the various social media marketing services agencies provide.

Social Media Audit

It’s a process to evaluate your company’s current presence on various social media channels to determine which one is best for your business in terms of content and audience and let you know if you can improve previous posts and campaigns.

It also involves researching your target audience to understand what they like most about other brands on similar topics or products.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are three of the most popular social media platforms in Dubai, and you should expand your company’s presence on these to attract potential customers.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is a process that helps you enhance your social media presence. It involves understanding how people interact with your brand on social platforms and how to use that information to boost engagement.

Social media optimization can help you understand what’s working for other brands on social media, including the kind of content they post, the frequency at which they post it, and the number of followers their accounts have.

It helps you determine how people respond when your posts are published and shared across different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Doing so gives you an idea about people’s engagement levels (comments/likes) with your brand.

A survey reveals that almost seven out of ten shoppers in Dubai prefer shopping through social media because they find the process convenient and reliable and trust the reviews left behind by other social media shoppers.

Social Media Competitor Analysis

Social media competitor analysis is a process that allows you to see what others are doing and then use this information to improve your strategy. A digital agency in Dubai can assist you with all aspects of social media marketing, including competitor analysis.

They can help you:

• identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
• analyze the way they engage with their audience (amiable or aggressive)
• examine their content style (image-heavy or text-heavy)
• focus on the tone they use when interacting with users (friendly or cold)

Influencer Marketing and Outreach

It is a marketing technique where businesses partner with key opinion leaders (KOLs) to reach their audience. It’s also known as “influencer relations” or “social media influencers.”

When done right, influencer outreach can be an effective way for companies to connect with customers, but you must find the right person to help you achieve your goals.

A digital marketing agency can help you find influencers and engage them so they’re excited about working with you. They’ll help create a campaign that gets results while connecting your brand with the right people. The agency will also track the results so you know which tactics worked best for your business.

Influencer marketing occupies a top place in Dubai, with most marketers spending between 1,000 to 2,000 USD on influencer-backed campaigns. About 70% of customers regularly buy a product after being introduced to it by an influencer.

Content Development and Design

Content development and design are the backbones of any social media campaign, and you must understand what constitutes quality content for your intended audience.

The goal with every piece of social media content should be to engage, inform and entertain your audience—in other words, make it worth their time and attention. In addition to being engaging, helpful, and shareable (something people will find interesting enough to pass along), the type of content you create should also match the needs of your target market.

Consider hiring a digital marketing company in Dubai to get started with social media or take full advantage of it. They can help you develop an effective strategy to reach your business goals.

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