dog seat covers to suit your car

4 Dog Seat Covers to Suit Your Car

As loving dog owners, we want to take our pets with us everywhere. And when it comes to road trips, having a dog seat cover becomes essential. But among hundreds of different options, how do you choose the one that best suits your car?

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Today we have collected for you the most important features to consider in dog hammock car seat covers, and four types of dog covers that are most likely to suit your vehicle. Keep reading to make an informed choice when choosing one!

What to Consider When Buying Dog Car Seat Covers

There are many different characteristics to compare when choosing a dog seat cover. But how not to get confused? The essential function of a dog cover is to protect your vehicle from dirt, liquids, dog hairs, and scratches. Therefore, dog hammock car seat covers must be durable enough to hold your pet and protect the car.

These are the five key features of a good-quality dog seat cover to consider before buying:

1) Waterproof properties

To protect your car seats from any liquids, be it water or unexpected calls of nature, the cover should be waterproof. This means it must either be made from a waterproof fabric such as nylon or have a waterproof lining inside.

2) Scratchproof properties

Check if the dog cover can protect your seats against dog nails and teeth. Make sure it’s made of durable, tear-resistant material – like the nylon we’ve already mentioned, or the nylon-based Oxford fabric. For Oxford fabric, choose 600D.

Another great scratchproof feature is the sidewalls to protect car doors. For example, the damage-proof and waterproof dog seat hammock from Owleys brand has side walls thickened with solid inserts. This dog hammock has proven itself among many dog owners as a real sturdy one.

3) Strong fasteners

Make sure the straps and buckles of the dog case are strong enough to support your doggie’s weight. The best material for fastening straps is strong synthetic fabrics, and the best material for buckles and clasps is metal.

4) Front seat protection

When choosing a backseat dog seat cover, we are mainly trying to protect the backseat itself. But we forget that dirt, hair and liquids are still easy to stain the backs of the front seats!

A great solution to this problem is to use a dog hammock. Hammocks cover not only the back seat, but also the floor, the front seats, and often the doors.

5) Tight fit

For a high protection level, the dog cover should have a snug fit. So please make sure the size is suitable for your vehicle before purchasing. If necessary, it is better to contact the seller directly to clarify this. Keep in mind that if your dog cover is too small or too large, it won’t protect your car the way you expect it to.

1. Dog Hammock Car Seat Cover

A dog hammock is the most common type of a dog seat cover. Let’s discuss its key features.

Perfect for backseat protection

You stretch a dog hammock all over your back seat, attaching the straps to the headrests. Like this, your entire backseat stays perfectly protected from stains, hairs, and scratches. While your doggie has a lot of space to move around and feel comfortable on the road.

Four-sided design

You can choose a dog car hammock that covers not only the back seat, floor and front seat backs, but also doors. Then you will have 100%, four-sided vehicle protection. No other type of pet car cover has as large coverage as a dog hammock!

Various designs

Hammocks come in various styles and designs. For example, you can get a dog car hammock with handy storage pockets to keep your pet’s travel essentials. Or you can get a dog hammock with a mesh window in the middle to let your road watch the road with you.

2. Slip-Resistant Dog Car Seat Cover

Slip-resistant dog covers are covers with a bottom thickened with rubber dots or a full layer of a non-slip material such as PVC. They are specially designed to prevent slipping while in transport.

Like this, a slip-resistant dog seat cover has a snug fit that doesn’t move or slide under your pet. So it’s a great option if you have an active growing puppy, or a dog that gets very excited or nervous on the road. With a non-slipping bottom, your pet can feel stable and safe in the car.

3. Front Seat Cover

These are dog seat covers that are compact to fit the front single seat of your car.

This might look like the best option for you especially if you love to always keep your pet by your side. But as crash test results show, keeping a dog in the front seat is unsafe. In case of a car accident, an airbag (that is designed to protect people, not animals) can cause serious injury to your pet. Keep this in mind if you still want to have a front seat cover.

A front seat dog cover may work as a safe option if you have a tiny breed dog. Then the airbag simply won’t touch it. And if you have a medium breed dog, you can go for a pet carrier with a solid construction.

4. Premium Car Seat Cover

Premium dog seat covers have a high price and quality. For example, the Owleys dog car hammock we mentioned above is also considered premium. But does it make sense to overpay?

Better choice of materials

Premium brands tend to choose high-quality materials over cheap options. These are seat covers made from durable and expensive fabrics, with a large number of layers and many little details that the brand doesn’t skimp on to keep the price low.

Unique style

Premium quality dog seat covers stand out from cheaper brands with their unique and interesting designs. For example, Owleys have a unique middle zipper design that transforms their large dog hammock into a compact single seat one.

Great customer service

As experience shows, you get better customer service and a more reliable guarantee for returns and replacements with premium brands. For the price you pay, you can be sure that you will be heard and assisted. And sometimes this is the very decisive reason to overpay.

In this article, we have discussed four kinds of dog car cover, like dog car hammock, slip-resistant dog cover, front seat cover, and premium dog seat cover. We have also shared the five most important features to consider when choosing a dog seat cover. We hope our article helped you figure out which dog cover is best for your vehicle!

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