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Six Domain Name Mistakes That Most Brands and Businesses Make

In the past couple of years, the domain registration process has gotten all the more challenging. It is predominantly because the premium domain names comprising prevalent keywords or terms are often hard to get your hands on. At times, getting the precise domain name can be pretty challenging.

Consequently, the businesses are forced to get creative in the domain registration process. It might lead to multiple errors along the way. There are even businesses that change their company’s name only to get access to an available domain name. Well, yes, the struggle is real! In due process, several mistakes occur.

So, here in this article, we will cover a few of the most common mistakes that businesses make in the domain registration process. So, let us get started and address these mistakes one by one.

Not reading your domain as a single word

At times, you may have to write your domain names or say them out loud as a single word. For this reason, it might appear hard to read. At times, they may also result in the creation of some unintended phrases.

For instance, if the name of your domain is, it might sound like Auto Part Sex Change, which can change the whole meaning and intent of your company name.

So, whenever you decide on any domain name, always try to read it as a single word. You do not want to lose out on customers only because they fail to decipher your website. To avoid this problem, you can consider changing the order of the words, or opt for a shortened version of the name.

Attempting to fit in a domain name to your business forcefully

There are so many companies that start their business without bothering about their online presence. So, after the business’s name is finalized and registered, they think of the domain name. At times, they end up being stuck with a bad name because there is no domain closely related to their business available. Of course, going back in time, the companies that were registered decades back did not have this choice, but you do, right? What should you do?

‘When you decide the name of your brand or company, simultaneously check the domain name availability of the same. It will ensure that you do not be forced to change the company name later because of the domain unavailability. Also, it will ensure that you include the domain name on all the collateral material right from the start,’ suggests Rosy, an educator who offers HTML assignment help services.

Failing to register the typo domains

‘For a business, it is strictly recommended to register all the TLD versions of the website. However, that is not enough. In addition to it, you must also register the common typo versions of your domain name. It becomes all the more important for businesses with difficult or hard-to-spell spell names.

Further, if you are keeping your website accessible for both UK and US customers, ensure that you register both the ‘s’ version and the ‘z’ version of the names, such as organisation and organization. Finally, you must also register the singular and plural version of the words in the domain name, wherever applicable,’ advises Jessica, an educator who offers pay for research paper services.

Well, we agree with Jessica’s advice right here. In addition to registration, you also need to use a 301 redirect. This will ensure that the traffic on this other registered domain is transferred back to your actual website, and you do not lose out on any traffic.

Shopping for a name out of frustration

Honestly, it is not easy to find an unregistered and good domain name. If you pick something generic and not brandable, there is a good chance that it will be forgotten quickly. So, while selecting the domain name, be very patient, and keep thinking till you find a name that best matches your business.

Not renewing the domain

‘When you buy your domain name, you are renting it for a specific period. It implies that after the lapse of this period, you will again have to renew your domain. If you do not renew the domain, you might lose it forever. The damage can be more severe if your competitor gets access to this domain, and that can be dreadful for your business,’ points out Freddie, an educator who offers university assignment help services.

Picking a lengthy domain name

When selecting a domain name, make sure you pick something that makes it easy for your visitors to reach you. If your domain name is unnecessarily long, it can be quite a burden for someone typing on their touchscreens, such as a tablet or smartphone.

Further, long domain names are hard to memorize, and the visitors might forget them over time. Lastly, the longer domains do not seem appealing. So, restrict yourself to a maximum of sixteen characters.

So, these are the six key domain name registration mistakes that most brands and businesses make. Know of any more such errors? Please share with us in the comment box below.

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