How To Download Videos From The Web To Your iPhone?

Safari is the most popular browser on Mac and iOS, and it’s easy to see why. It’s versatile, it offers first party support, and many find it easy to use. That’s true especially on a platform like the iPhone which a lot of people use daily. Which makes you wonder, how can you download your favorite videos via your browser, or are there any other tools you can use? Let’s find out!

Is it legal to download videos on your phone?

Before you start saving them, you want to know whether downloading videos is legal or not. Thankfully, unless there is a clear copyright sign, you don’t have to worry about downloading videos. However, some video creators will state the video is under copyright laws, so you can’t download it. Check the video description and watch the video, as you might find copyright info there, which is something to keep in mind.

Using Safari

Safari is an excellent tool if you want to download a video on your phone. The idea here is that you just have to tap and hold on the video, and then under the pop up window you see the option to download the linked file. On the right you will see a circle with an arrow, and you can see the download process. Safari automatically downloads to the Downloads section, you can use the Files app to reach the section and access all the downloaded media there.

Using the YouTube app

YouTube’s app also allows you to download videos as well. If you check the video, you will see there are 3 vertical dots once you tap on it. Download the video from that menu, you can switch the download location if you want. The download process is very convenient and fast, and the video retains the chosen quality. That can be great if you’re looking to download a video to see it later on.

Using video downloaders

Video downloaders can also be an option, especially if you have the video on a site other than YouTube. Install a video downloader on your phone and then insert the video link. Press Download, and the app will download the video at the chosen location. It’s a great option and a wonderful idea, not to mention it can save you a lot of time. There are apps, but also websites that help you download videos, so use that to your advantage.

All of these are great methods you can use to download online videos. Whether you want to use your browser or a third party app, there’s no denying these can be great methods to help you download videos fast and easy. It’s a great idea to rely on these tools if you want excellent results and an exceptional value. We highly recommend giving these a try for yourself, and you will be very happy with how fast and easy it can be to access all the video content you want in no time!

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