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The Rebellious Spirit of Dr. Martens Shoes

They say that real change starts in the streets. And through history, people who those streets were usually stomped by black leather shoes with yellow seams and massive soles.

You’re right. We are talking about the iconic Dr. Martens shoes. They have become not only part of the rebel uniform but also a true fashion statement for everyone who wants to express their personality.

The Beginnings

But let’s start from the beginning. Dr. Martens shoes are a great example of how the world and fashion change. Initially worn as practical and comfortable footwear, today, they are an absolute “must-have” for everyone from New York to Tokyo.

The creator of these military-style boots was German army doctor Klaas Märtens. After a skiing injury, the man created special boots with an air cushion, which were supposed to provide comfort and ease of movement.

After Klaas’s friend saw the new creation, he was amazed and saw massive potential beyond his friend’s injury. And boy, was he right. Over 100 million pairs of Dr. Martens were sold worldwide between the 1960s and 2010s.

A Star Is Born

At first, the shoes were made from various scraps left over from the war. The soles were made from scrap rubber, insoles from shoulder pads, and shoe tops from military leather pants.

But despite the unusual materials, the boots called Dr. Märtens at that time gained rapid popularity, and so in 1952, the two friends opened a factory in Munich and started producing them en masse.

These sturdy work boots were loved by gardeners and laborers, but it wasn’t long before more people began to admire their comfort, and in 1959 they finally reached the United Kingdom.

Dr Martens 1460

This was when the company’s most famous model, Dr. Martens 1460, was introduced. For those who don’t know, these numbers represent the date when sales in the United Kingdom began.

To better suit the market, the “ä” was removed from the company name, and thus the boots became Dr. Martens. The fans quickly nicknamed them Doc Martens and, finally, Docks.


The military style Dr. Martens 1460 with eight eyelets for laces perfectly encaptured the spirit of the period, when revolutions and coups had become commonplace.

Yes, the shoes were worn by laborers and postal workers, but soon rebellious rock stars took to them as well. The first of whom was Pat Townshend of The Who.

These boots symbolized the spirit of rebellion that punks, rockers, and other subcultures were proud of.

Docks quickly spread to the United States, where they were popularized by rockstars from such bands as the Sex Pistols, The Clash, and others. They treated the shoes as part of their uniform, and this tradition continues today among artists.

Today you don’t have to be a hardcore rocker to wear Docks. Singers like Lizzo, Rita Ora, and Lil Nas love them too, so perhaps we are all rebels at heart?

Dr. Martens 1461

After the success of the cult high-top boots, it wasn’t long before the low-top Dr. Martens 1461 appeared. That’s right, on the first of April of 1961.

The silhouette of Dr. Martens 1461 is somewhere between pragmatic, classic, and punk. The low-top design is reminiscent of the classic Oxford shoes but with a ton of Dr. Martens elements. Among these details are the instantly recognizable yellow stitching and legendary sturdy soles.

The 1461 model was initially introduced in cherry red and black, but today you can find a variety of colors that reflect many styles and subcultures.

This Dr. Martens model, like all the company’s shoes, is characterized by durability, craftsmanship, and uniqueness and is perfect for both every day and going out.

No Boundaries

This timeless silhouette has been refined since day one and has quickly become a favorite among various subcultures and a symbol of multiple cultural movements.

From political protesters and the working class in the 1960s and 1970s to students, musicians, and universities in the 1980s, Dr Martens 1461 has erased all social and economic boundaries.

Like its predecessor, 1460, the model has become an eternal icon of rebellious spirit, energy, and creative inspiration, loved by all rebels. We probably won’t exaggerate when we say that 1461 is one of the most popular shoe models in the world.

Of course, the shoe’s durability and longevity are also key, and the reliable AirWair soles, heel loop, and yellow stitching have already become legendary.

Timeless Style Inspiration

Today Dr. Martens shoes are beloved by everyone. They add a twist to even the most casual outfit and are the perfect choice for any occasion.

From work to summer adventures, Docks are incredibly versatile and go with everything from dresses, skirts, or suits to bold with jeans and a leather jacket for every day.

Want to stand out even more? Shop these platform shoes. The Dr. Martens 1461 will help you stand out from classic black to summer colors.

For Everyone

There’s no doubt that the most popular Docks are the black ones. You can find shoes in different leather textures and shades of black.

But today, docks are not only black. Dr. Martens Virginia line offers ultra-thin, soft, supple leather that is available in a variety of colors. Choose from white to green to brown and create endless unique looks.

The boots can be paired with almost anything, from jeans and leather pants to light evening dresses.

You can also choose boots from the vegan Dr. Martens line, where the shoes are made of artificial leather. But no worry, quality and comfort are just as great.

Lastly, while 1460 and 1461 may be the most popular models, Dr. Martens produces many more styles. From open and formal shoes to winter boots to loafers and sandals.

How To Choose

With such a vast choice, choosing the best boots for you can be overwhelming!

On the other hand, different colors and styles offer much more freedom to create unique looks. If you’re looking for a versatile boot, opt for black leather Dr. Martens shoes. When you want to stand out, wear colorful shoes or ones decorated with Swarowski, flowers, or scales.

Whatever it is, you can find the best selection in our online shop SIL.lt.

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