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Drever N690 Folding Pocket Knife

The Drever is a tough daily and premium carry folding knife. It specs a 3.49-inch N60 stainless steel blade and a contoured G10 handle. The remarkable sheepsfoot blade shape, with full-flat grind and reinforced hardness, promises edge retention and perfect slicing for everyday jobs.

The beefy handle is wonderfully machined and rightly textured for a relaxed and firm grip. Inside the handle is a stout liner lock running on a low-friction ball-bearing system, permitting users to lock and open the blade with the flipper tab or thumb studs with ease. The Drever folding pocket knife is a very comfortable and practical cutting tool to forever have with you.


Safe line lock

A stout stainless liner lock makes sure a safe lockup.

Premium standard

N690 stainless steel blade of high water resistance and powerful G10 handle that is rightly contoured.

Versatile blade

Modified sheepsfoot with a sharp corner, full-flat grind, and reinforced harness, best for cutting, slicing, stabbing, etc.

Perfect and safe deployment

Fast deployment with the thumb studs or flipper tabs push-in design and perfect ball bearing system makes open-close more smooth and stable.


Equipped with a perfect pocket clip, drever is applied to cutting, tactical use, wild survival, daily use, hunting, rescue, and kitchen use.

Precise control

The contoured G10 handle, relaxed full-sized finger choil, and blade spin jumping permit for a relaxed and balanced grip.

Portable & compact

Only 4.5 inches when folded, the deep-carry pocket clip with the big opening is best for daily carry and storage.

High standards with Olight lifetime warranty

Meets ISO 14000 and BSCI accreditation requirements and FDA food safety standards.


Top of the line materials

Premium N690 stainless steel blade for best edge retention, powerful G10 handle for a strong grip, dry or wet.

Superior shape for versatile utility

Modified sheepsfoot blade with a complete flat grind. Ready for slicing, whittling, or more challenging jobs.

Ergonomic handle

The contoured G10 handle is wonderfully machined with relax lock release accessibility.

Swift & smooth

Flipper tab and thumb studs for simple and fast opening, best for ambidextrous use.

Compact for daily use

When closed, this 3.42 oz folder comes in only 4.5 inches. Compact with a deep-carry pocket clip, for simple to use and carry.

Tips to pick the right folding pocket knife

Why do you need a folding knife?

To buy the best tactical pocket knife, you need to keep in mind your needs. The sole objective of using a knife could be either for cutting things open or for self-defense. There are knives designed with many shaped blades and handles, but these are mainly applicable for those who want to include them in their collection. If the knife is to defend you, it mostly comes with a plain design.

One of the most general features of a tactical folding knife contains a spring-based opening mechanism and the other one is the locking structure. If you are using it for fighting objectives, the handle has a powerful grip. The texture of the blade is perfect as well as rough.

Blade made of steel

The blade of a folding knife should of the best standard. The cutting edges that come with carbon alloy are harder matched to the low carbon ones. The advantage of stainless steel is that blades are corrosion resistant. The blade edge is another consideration one has to make before purchasing the best knife. There are mostly three types of blade edges, smooth, serrated, and combined.

A knife with a smooth edge simplifies the process of cutting things. The serrated edges are easy on things like branches, bone and wood. As far as the completely serrated edge is concentrated, it comes with unlimited usage. So, buy the best knife when you have a specific objective in mind.

Open and lock mechanism

This is an important point to consider when buying folding pocket knives and camping knives. Not every country permits all types of pocket knives in certain conditions.

Similarly, locking and opening mechanisms also affect the safety and usability offered by the pocket knife. Having a knife that opens fast and immediately is essential when you are using it for tactical, hunting operations, or protection. Similarly, the locking mechanism is simple to use with a single hand, while others need both hands to lock the knife and can be cumbersome.

Manual opening blades are legal in almost every place. But switchblade/automatic knives are simple to use. When it comes to locking, you have many options, such as lock back, slip joint, liner locks, frame locks, midlocks, lever locks, and ring locks.

Overall design

The excellent design of the knife will come down, once again to your preferences and needs. There is such a big range of designs out there that you will be sure to find something that matches you.


What type of handle is the best?

Similar to the material, edge, and shape are 2 criteria to consider when picking the best handle of your knife.

If you want a classic look for your knife, pick a wood, bone, or plastic handle that resembles the material of either of those. If you favor something modern and sleek, go with a clean metal handle. If you are after something tactical, a composite or rubber handle will be an excellent option.

As for the shape, the best handle must relax user comfort and carrying preference.

If you have big hands or generally wear gloves, the bigger the handle, the better. If a compact size is what matters, pick a slim handle.

What opening system should I pick?

There are 3 types of hand opening, namely automatic open, manual open, and assisted open.

Manual opening depends a hundred percent on the user. Two-hand opening ones are operated with a fingernail, whereas one-hand knives are operated by a thumb hole or thumb stud in the blade. This way, you can open your knife at lightning speed.

Automatic open permits the knife to open by pressing a button, but this kind of knife is more costly and illegal in most places.

Finally, the hybrid of the previous 2 is linked open. First, you initiate the opening by your thumb and then use the spring to completely open the blade. Be cautious with this system because it is illegal in some locations, too.

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