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6 Tips For Effective Warehouse Management

Managing a warehouse is not very easy. You have to keep checking at all times if all the operations are going on smoothly or not. From managing inventory to staying organized- it takes a lot to run a warehouse smoothly. This is the part of a business that ensures the rest of the business flourishes without any snags.

In fact, 87% of industry decision-makers have said that expanding their warehouses by 2024 is essential. If you are also involved in streamlining and managing supplies, here are six tips for effective warehouse management.

1. Plan a proper layout

Planning the layout of your warehouse is the first and the most important thing that should be on your checklist. You need to make sure that there is ample space for employees to work around smoothly and to keep the items neatly stacked.

In case you use vehicles like forklifts or dollies, there needs to be extra space to operate them and also to keep them in a corner. Anything that has not been used for a long time or is not needed anymore must be removed from the warehouse to create extra space. Effective planning will also improve your inventory management.

2. Keep things organized

After planning the layout, you should execute the planning efficiently. Keeping all your things organized can help you save a lot of time and effort. It will also make it easier for employees to work. Employees can tend to place things in the wrong place, so keep the shelves and cupboards labelled.

Ask the supervisors to check regularly if all the necessary items have been placed on their correct shelves or not. If anything is amiss, make sure the problem is solved as quickly as possible. Putting items in the wrong places will later cause a lot of trouble.

3. Ensure safety

The safety of your staff should be a priority at all times. Establish some safety protocols and tell all the rules and regulations to them properly. They must understand that not following the rules can lead to a grievous injury or even death. Equipment like forklifts and a rolling ladder must be handled carefully to avoid accidents.

If any employee is injured, make sure an emergency healthcare service is available at all times to treat them. One of the best ways to make sure all the employees are healthy is to allow proper air and light into the warehouse all the time.

4. Train your staff

In addition to training your staff about safety protocols, you must also train them to pick up and complete orders efficiently. For example, things like scanning the items, completing orders, updating the datasheets, etc. need extensive training.

Human error is unavoidable, so there might be one or two errors during the course of the business, but it’s important to keep these mistakes to a minimum. If you see an employee struggling to keep up with the work assigned to them, teach them separately in a gentle manner.

5. Manage inventory

Many times, you might see that you have shelves of inventory that just don’t seem to sell. This isn’t because you keep restocking items but because some items are hardly ever used or sold. In these cases, it’s essential to remove them from the stock. This will also make more space to stock up on the more popular items that your company needs.

If you wish to partner up with an efficient inventory-management company, Fishbowl Inventory is an ideal pick. With over 500 companies as their partners, Fishbowl Inventory manages all your needs for you in a convenient and fast manner.

6. Have a quality warehouse management system

Managing a warehouse, as you might already know, involves a lot of hard work. But having an effective management system can take a lot of load off your shoulders. These systems can alert you when your stocks and supplies are low, can give you live tracking data, and do a lot of your work for you.

There are various such management apps on the internet so install one that works best for you and the company. A quality warehouse management system will also help to speed up deliveries.

Over to you…

While employing an efficient warehouse management strategy, make sure you use these six tips wisely. Start with a WMS that facilitates better control of your warehouse right from the beginning. Learn all the necessary features and use them properly to your benefit.

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