How Long Will the Effects of Dog CBD Oil Last for Your Pet

Whether your dog is young or old, the idea of using CBD oil for dogs may be exciting. Many people find that they can calm their dog’s anxiety and soothe it by administering all-natural cannabidiol.

You may be wondering how long this product will last in your animal’s system. If you are, you must know that there’s no one direct answer to this question. This is because it depends on various factors.

Another thing that you should know is that you should always consult your veterinarian before giving your dog CBD oil or any other natural supplement. This is because there could be reactions to other medications and underlying health conditions your pup has.

For example, if your dog takes Phenobarbital for epilepsy, it would not be safe to give it CBD oil with a low amount of the psychoactive cannabinoid- THC. But, do not confuse this with THCA, another terpene found in cannabis and hemp plants and does not carry this risk.

The following factors will go into determining how long the effects of CBD oil last in your dog:

The Daily Dosage

The recommended dosage for dogs is about 10mg per 20 pounds every 8 hours (or as your vet recommends). It is available in tincture form at most pet stores, or you can order it online from a variety of tablet manufacturers.

It’s important to note that administering CBD oil to your dog in larger doses can cause drowsiness or agitation. Hence, start with small doses and work your way up to see what is right for your pet.

Consider the Oil’s Strength

The strength of the oil you use will also determine how long it takes for the oil to take effect and how long it lasts in your pet’s system.

Concentrates typically have around 30% CBD, while vape juice would offer a 40-50% CBD level. Oil tinctures can range from 10mg per dropper, 100mg per dropper, or anywhere in between, depending on the company and concentration levels.

Consider Your Pet’s Weight

Weight also plays a large factor when determining if your dog will experience any side effects from this compound. If they have lower body fat—usually found in older dogs that haven’t been spayed/neutered—they may not retain the cannabinoids for long.

Dog’s Breed

Research has shown that smaller breeds process CBD oil much more quickly than larger dog breeds, and it can take longer for larger breeds to feel its effects. Some dogs have a speedy metabolism and process the product much more quickly than others, which means it doesn’t stay in their system as long.

Muscle Mass

The amount of muscle mass your canine companion has will also impact how it can absorb and metabolize CBD products. This is why you’ll see some breeds use the compound better than others.

If your furry friend is highly active, they’ll feel the effects faster because this increases their metabolism even further. Conversely, if your dog is mostly inactive or sluggish, it may take longer for the effects to show as their metabolism is bound to be slow.

What about Metabolism?

Since dogs have a slower metabolism than humans, the effects of CBD oil for dogs can last longer. Many people use this product to treat anxiety and other chronic conditions in their pets by administering regular small doses over time. However, it won’t stay in the system for long, so make sure not to administer large doses at once.

You must always follow your veterinarian’s advice when giving your dog CBD oil or any other type of medication or supplement.


Even though this compound is completely safe for the pet, your furry friend’s environment, where they live and play, will impact how long the product remains in their system. If they spend most of their time inside, they’ll likely process the cannabinoids more quickly than if they’re outside playing with other animals all day.

It’s also important to consider if your dog has access to any other cannabis products. This can make them test positive on a drug screen even though it’s not something you’ve given them directly.

Most dogs experience the calming effects of CBD oil within 1-2 hours, although some dog owners have reported that it takes as long as 4 hours for their pet to react after a dose.

If your canine companion is highly active and burns through calories quickly, you may need to give them a larger amount to ensure good results. However, as long as you stick to your vet’s recommended dosage, you shouldn’t have any issues. Also, buy high-quality CBD products for safety and effectiveness.

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