Efficient Last Minute Cleaning

Quick and Efficient Last-Minute Cleaning Tips for Unexpected Guests

Unexpected plans for a home dinner with friends are always nice and fun, but what to do if your house is a mess? Of course, you can always cancel the dinner. Or do a quick but efficient clean-up.

Here are some tips from the best maids of cleaning service Live Clean Today about last minute cleaning.

Time-saving Cleaning Techniques

If you have just a few hours to do the cleaning, at first, put things in order and clean up all the debris. When all things and items are in their places, prepare water, cleaning liquid, several cloths, a mop, and a vacuum cleaner. Your main goal is to clean quickly, so do not obsess over the hard-to-reach places, even if they are not very clean.

Start with a quick cleaning by wiping surfaces with a wet cloth and cleaning liquid. After the wet cleaning, wipe surfaces with a dry cloth.

It is crucial when you have guests to have a clean floor. It will be very uncomfortable if dust and debris will collect on the feet of your friends. So, vacuum the floor/steam cleaner, and to make it even more clean, wipe it with a wet mop.

Definitely, your guests will visit the bathroom at your home, so it is critical not to forget to do quick cleaning there as well. Wipe the surfaces in your bathroom and use the cleaner for soiled locations. Freshen the toilet with liquid for toilets or lemon acid. Wipe the mirror and glass surfaces. Take a dirty laundry basket to your room (to hide it) and remove the laundry from the dryer.  Use an air spray for the nice scent, and change towels to the fresh ones.

If your guests plan to stay the night or a few nights in your house, prepare the guest room: clean the floor, wipe the surfaces, and prepare the fresh bed sheets and towels.

Take a look. If all around you is clean and shiny, throw away bags with trash and start to prepare the cozy atmosphere.

How To Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

A welcoming and cozy atmosphere will set the mood for your evening. If your home is just clean, it won’t surprise your guests, but if you prepare a few cozy things, they will be pleasantly shocked! What can it be?

You can light a few candles, turn on calm music, and prepare a few refreshing drinks, for example, water with ice and lemon. You can also prepare a plate with fruits and easy snacks.

Sounds easy? That is easy! Your home will be clean and cozy. You will relax, and your guests will be happy!

But If You Haven’t Got Even A Few Hours

If your guest comes this evening but you won’t have time even for quick cleaning, there is a solution. The cleaning service Live Clean Today does last-minute cleaning. That means you can call them now and order the cleaning for today. Your home will shine until the deadline. They can also prepare a cozy atmosphere; just tell them about it.

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