elements of perfect home

8 Elements of a Perfect Home

When you think of a home, what comes to your mind first? A comfortable and cozy space where you and your family can live happily.

In 2021, housing sales increased by 51 percent as compared to 2020. This figure is enough to communicate the massive number of people looking to buy their own house.

However, the quality of an ideal house is different for different people. But there are a few things that doesn’t change, including…

1. A home should be airy and well ventilated

A home should always give out and exude positive energy. Well-ventilated homes are the most comfortable to live in. The residents are happier and healthier with plenty of sunlight and oxygen to bask in.

Proper ventilation facilitates healthy breathing practices, it keeps the floors, the windows and other furniture of the house dry by regulating moisture. Ventilation also helps to get rid of unwanted odors and helps to purify the insides of the house.

2. Good quality construction materials

Everyone wants their home to be well built because most people tend to invest their life’s savings, which they worked so hard for, to build their perfect home.

Therefore, when a realtor establishes a good rapport in the markets for high-end luxurious buildings, it naturally causes the sales to spike.

Thus, many developers try their level best to use high-end products for their construction to provide decent housing solutions to their clients.

3. The living rooms should be big enough to accommodate a sofa

Living rooms or drawing rooms are one of the most vital areas of a house. The living actually is responsible for creating the wow factor in your guests and it kind of becomes like a style statement.

Moreover, families spend most of their time in the living rooms. A living room generally tries to accommodate the dining and seating facilities. Thus, an ideal home, according to me, should come with a big living space.

4. The kitchen should be spacious

Another most important room in the house is the kitchen area. The kitchen is the place where most activities of the families take place – cooking, eating, talking, reading, etc.

So, it is necessary for your kitchen to have enough space to fit all the essentials and the crockeries so that it appears clean and clutter-free.

5. The home should have Quality fittings

Quality fittings nowadays are used by every good and reputed developer. Good quality bathroom and kitchen taps, knobs, bathroom fittings, window glass replacements, locks and so on actually impress the client who is looking for houses to buy.

In addition to that, good and quality fittings can add an edge to the interiors of the house, and give the property a modern look.

6. The home should have high ceilings

Homes with high ceilings, generally ranging from 10 to 12 feet tall from the floor, are very much in the trend right now. It makes the interiors look more spacious and modern.

You can also create false ceilings later, without making the whole room cluttered and congested. High ceilings also give you the privilege to install stylish and trendy hanging lights and chandeliers.

7. Ergonomic Touches to your Home

Maintaining the interiors of the house is a tough job and is vital if you have friends and relatives coming frequently.

The interior of your home reflects your taste and also says a lot of things about your personality. Thus, ergonomic features are necessary and they also increase the beauty of the house.

For example, having wide, wooden doors will not only make the interiors and home look pretty, but it will also help in the free movement of people in and out of the house.

8. Exterior aesthetics matters

There is a saying that the first impression is the last impression. It is the exterior of your home that is first visible to the people outside, and your exterior aesthetic says a lot about you.

Therefore, if you can, you can try and improve the entry gateway to your house. You can add plants, wall hangings and so on and make it look chic, elegant, yet warm and cosy.

Over to you…

Big or small, a mansion or an apartment, home is home. A house becomes a home when grave feelings of love and respect are sewn along with it. It is your home, at the end of the day and it’s up to you what you want to do with it! So, good luck!

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