How To Encourage New Talent To Your Business

The great irony of running a business is that the more effort you put into the professional development and progression opportunities of an individual employee who already shows promise, the higher the likelihood that they will apply for a senior job at another company.

It makes sense that the ideal would be to become a business with a reputation for nurturing their employees and to get to a place whereby new recruits come to you, work hard and make money for your business, and then move on, at the same time as another wave of talented new recruits arrive.

With this cycle in mind, here is how to encourage new talent to your business.

Revamp Your Job Descriptions

Obviously, unless you work for and run an exceedingly well-known company that is recognized nationwide or even worldwide, the first impression of your company, your brand ethos, and the individually advertised role is from the job description itself.

This is why it is essential to improve and, in some cases, entirely revamp each job description to attract highly-skilled, dedicated, and motivated workers. Make sure the job description for the hiring role also includes a feeling of the company culture and why it is such a great place, both personally and professionally, to work.

Provide a Comprehensive Healthcare Plan

As you will already be fully aware, there are many employee healthcare plans, and whichever one you have previously chosen to invest in, it is time to see if there is any way you can do better for your team members.

When a talented, motivated, and highly skilled individual sees an advertisement for a new position within your company, they will obviously conduct as much research as possible into everything from the healthcare plan and benefit spending for CMS-compliant health products and holiday and sick pay allowance.

In summary, the more impressive the healthcare package, the more likely you are to win the latest talent.

Offer Substantial Competitive Compensation

Now, even though you naturally want your employees to want to turn up for work every day and be happy and motivated to work, you simply cannot deny that one of the major reasons for them doing this is because they are being paid.

To avoid your industry competitors snapping up the latest talent, you need to take an objective view of your current payment structure and be prepared to pay experienced and knowledgeable workers what they are worth.

Provide Additional Progression Opportunities

Finally, if you want to retain the new talent you have attracted, you need to provide additional training certifications alongside the mandatory training you offer. These additional certificates will let employees know that you are serious about their progression at your company.

It may well benefit your employees, as well as yourself and other managers, to initiate a mentorship program should the nature of the products and/or services your business provides suit.

There you have it, some top ways to attract talented individuals to your business and how to make sure they stay.

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