7 Engagement Ring Trends That You Should Look Out For In 2022

An engagement ring is the most vital aspect of a wedding. Choosing an engagement ring that complements a couple’s personality with a trendy design is crucial.

A recent trend for custom engagement rings is rising, and couples are going crazy over it. You can create your own engagement ring with Leibish. Numerous options are available for your perusal, complementing your personality and appealing to your taste.

This article highlights the trending engagement ring options for 2022 that can help you shortlist the apt ring easily.

1. Oval Engagement Rings

Apart from being beautiful, the oval engagement rings can help highlight the stone’s carat weight. Of the four C’s, relating to a stone’s quality, color is the most crucial parameter to consider while choosing an oval stone.

When purchasing an oval diamond, a buyer can refer to the range from colorless to near-colorless. Oval diamonds can hide imperfections, and hence you need not look for the clear ones.

2. Antique-Cut Engagement Rings

Experts suggest that antique cut engagement rings will also be in demand in 2022. These are unique and charming. The old European cut diamonds were common during the days of Art Deco. They have no standardization and are hand-cut, and hence no two pieces are the same.

3. Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings

Clarity is a crucial factor for emerald-cut engagement rings. Any small inclusions are visible via a diamond’s step-cut faceting. More non-traditional settings and bezel- set will become popular for styling emerald diamonds this year. People are putting branding twists to the classic emeralds.

You will see more bezel-style engagement rings to become part of bridal pieces. It is an apt piece for everyday wear as it provides superior protection to the stones. Allowing light to enter the stone from all sides is possible with an open basket bezel setting. You can pay attention to this one more as it illuminates the entire ring.

4. Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

Marquise diamond engagement rings are a great alternative to diamonds. They generally appear bigger as they have an elongated shape, with fewer deep cuts. Marquise diamonds look bigger and more expensive compared to their carat weight. So people find value in them.

You can check the bowtie effect when purchasing any elongated-shaped diamonds or marquise diamonds. It occurs when less light enters the center of the stone leading to a dark bowtie shape. This effect resembles the stone’s cut.

5. Moval Engagement Rings

When oval and marquise diamonds combine in an engagement ring, it becomes a moval ring. It is a unique ring that proves to be a great alternative to the oval rings. You need to pay a premium price per carat due to the lesser availability of stones. This aspect deters competition, and a few players command pricing.

The cut is rare and a hard one to find.

6. Two-Stone Engagement Rings

Two stone rings will become one of the most trending engagement ring options of 2022. It is primarily because of Emily Ratajkowski’s two-stone ring. Toi et Moi is another name for two stone rings, and experts predict them to flood the market this year.

It allows the user to play with the diamonds as per their liking. Three stone rings with a bigger side stone such as epaulets and trapezoids can also be a trend in 2022.

7. Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings

Industry experts suggest that the shape and size appearance of the pear-shaped engagement rings will make them appear big-time in 2022. These engagement rings tend to look big compared to their carat due to the elongated shape of the stone, similar to ovals and marquise.

It is not essential to always spend a lot while buying diamonds. However, you will not like to go too low in color as it can be visible in the dips. Pear shape can hide the inclusions well, and hence you can find an eye-catching option within your ideal range.

The above options can help the couples shortlist the right engagement ring to match the trending designs. However, they should avoid the biggest mistake that most people often make when shortlisting any diamond engagement ring. This mistake is related to putting a greater focus on clarity and color.

There is a strong belief that flawless and colorless diamonds are the best option. However, it is worth mentioning that differentiating between different clarity grades and color options is quite hard. You may not be able to do the same without expertise. Therefore, you can consider the various other parameters highlighted in the article.

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