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5 Clever Ideas For Engraving Men’s Wedding Bands

There’s so little room and you’ve got so much to say! But say, you must, because men’s wedding bands are ideal places to include a touching sentiment tucked into the side of the ring destined to be closest to his heart.

You could take the obvious road by having your names, nicknames, or initials carved into the precious metal you choose, but this is a sacred occasion that deserves more attention — so you’re invited to think outside the band when you use your creativity.

Engraving sentimental words say so much about you and your soulmate. Make every word on your band count by choosing an engraved message that’s as unique as your love affair has been. If you’re not sure where to start, this article will show you 5 great ideas for your wedding band.

Why is engraving so important?

Because it turns your emotions into concrete symbols of love that last for a lifetime, never to be eroded by years of wear. Further, every word personalizes the band you choose so the sentiment remains eternal; a reminder of the vows you took on the most important day of your lives.

1. Embrace eternal sayings. Make those few words simple, elaborate, and evergreen. Feel free to borrow from our list or use these 5 to inspire your own message once you have selected your favorite from the library of classic and contemporary designs.

• Love you forever.
• My one and only.
• My heart is yours.
• Our shared destiny.
• Forevermore my love.

2. Let your sense of humor shine with every word you choose to inscribe. It’s the reason he fell in love with you, so don’t be shy when picking out your band and having it engraved.

• You’re stuck with me.
• Love you more than candy.
• May the force be with us.
• No trade-ins allowed.
• Insert finger here.

3. Romantic inscriptions. Splurge on words meant only for his eyes when you borrow sentiments destined to be added to the ring design that captures your heart.

• Love never fails.
• Smitten with you.
• Romance of the century.
• Where you go, I will follow.
• Love made in heaven.

4. Inside stories. The look between you says it all: A shared thought requiring no words. Articulate that intimacy when you select the perfect design from men’s wedding bands from the collection of masterpieces. These 5 ideas will trigger your imagination.

• You had me at hello.
• Best lovemaking ever.
• Your mom approves.
• I’m in the mood for you.
• You are my sunshine.

5. Favorite lyric. It may be too wild for the church service, but the tune you consider to be “our song” has a place on his finger for the rest of his life. Make it a song you both treasure. Choose keywords. Wrap his heart around the unforgettable lyric excerpted on his ring.

• The Power of Love.
• Endless Love.
• Take my Breath Away.
• Love me Like You Do.
• This Magic Moment.

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