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The Essay Writing Tools You Can’t Live Without

1. Mindmeister

Brainstorming ideas and topics for your essay requires time and creativity. For sure, this stretches your brain to the limit and squeezes your creative juices to the test. As such, mind-mapping tools for essay writing have helped students, writers, and teachers to plan and outline their next best essay.

This tool, Mindmeister, suggests thoughts and derives ideas that may not even cross your mind in the first place. This tool offers a fresh perspective on your essay writing journey. If you are out of topics to even write about, this tool generates a topic you might want to start writing about.

More than this, Mindmeister enables you to share your files and documents via cloud storage. You can share this with your friends and classmates while at the same time, all of you could collaborate to structure your essay. Also, you can leave your comments in the documents and even chat with your essay buddies online. This tool has a built-in chat feature and comment option.

According to a last minute essay writing service, using essay writing tools saves you time and stress. Most students struggle in keeping up with the deadlines and projects needed to be passed on time. Essay writing is a tedious process as it needs to be written in the way your professor assigned you to. As such, using essay writing tools allows you to work harder and smarter.

2. Grammarly

If we are talking about essay writing tools, Grammarly should always be part of that list. If you’re a student, you’ve probably thought about making your sentences better and rewriting your ideas clearly. In this process, you want to make sure that your grammar is precise, correct, and appropriate.

Many teachers are thrown off by wrong grammar when checking their students’ essays. This is a reason why a lot of students receive low grades or feedback. As such, this necessitates the use of a grammar-checking tool you can utilize in writing your academic paper or essays.

When you want to paraphrase your essay, edit the punctuations, and revise the sentence construction, Grammarly is your ally. Here, Grammarly helps you double-check your grammar, correct usage of punctuations, and sentence formation. Also, you have the option to align your essay based on the audience/reader, tone, and formality of your project.

Using this tool has helped many students improve their grades and submit impressive essays. As such, if you aim to ace that essay writing assignment, using Grammarly will help you get that A+ grade. This time, you will never fall short in complying with your teacher’s grading requirements.

3. Google Scholar

Writing an essay means that you should get your facts and information truthful and credible. As such, it is necessary that you utilize essay writing tools that are reliable and factual in giving out information. Now more than ever, the development of the internet and digital platforms harbor fake news and misinformation.

Ultimately, if you are in the beginning process of writing your essay, you need to do extensive research. As such, Google Scholar is recognized as one of the best databases where students and teachers alike can retrieve credible and verifiable information. With Google Scholar, you will have easier access to a wide array of articles and topics from various writers and researchers.

All you need to do is to search the topic you want to write about in the search bar, and then you are redirected to a number of result searches. Essentially, using an essay writing tool like this enables you to use recent data you can integrate into your essay. This is an advantage for students because it helps them create high-quality essays.

Final Thoughts

Essay writing is a meticulous process. From outlining and coming up with your topic to arriving at the final written work means that you need to allot time, effort, and authenticity in the entire writing process. With these tools, you are now more than ready to ace that essay writing assignment!

In time, you’ll find that writing an essay is an enjoyable experience! You get to know yourself more and express your thoughts and feelings through impactful words. As such, it is now the right time to explore these amazing tools and see – or rather write – for yourself!

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