essentials to carry while trekking

All Essentials to Carry While Planning Trekking

Trekking is a long journey on foot in areas where there is generally no means of transportation available. It is walking for several days, to a less-travelled route, in challenging environments that are usually remote and mountainous. A trek starts and ends at different locational points. The difference of travel is generally between 20 miles or 100 miles. It requires a lot of planning and preparation.

It is said that trekking is one of the most thrilling experiences. Usually, excitement overshadows the deep planning process, and people often forget the important stuff. Trekking is in general difficult, so you must carry all the necessities with you.

Some must-have items for your trekking trip

• Water Bottle: The most basic and essential thing to carry is a water bottle. On a trekk, you usually won’t find people selling water on your way. So always bring a bottle and refill it whenever you can.

• Snacks: The trekking gang usually has proper meals, but endless walking can make you hungry. So don’t forget to carry snacks that you can munch even while walking, like dry fruits, protein bars, etc.

• Backpack: The most apparent item, a backpack to store all your other stuff and keep them organized.

• Trekking shoes or hiking boots: It is mandatory that you wear proper footwear. It is crucial because it provides quality, comfort, and protection. Additionally, the boots should be comfortable, lightweight, sturdy, warm, and waterproof to make the journey easier for you.

• Torchlight or flashlight: You might not always find the light while walking, especially after sunset. It is a life-saving item because, in the absence of it, you might fall or end up in a terrible accident due to darkness.

• Hand sanitisers: Your hands will come in contact with a lot of dirt and other substances like trees and leaves. Some of them might even be poisonous. And water is a limited privilege. So sanitisers are a must-have item, especially after COVID-19.

• Clothing: You need a dress that is comfortable, breathable, cargo styled, and quick dry. Clothing also includes underwear because wet underwear is never satisfied to walk in. You should preferably shop at Daily Jocks for the most premium quality stuff.

• Cap or hat: Covering your head is significant as you are directly exposed to sun and rain for long hours. You can have severe sunburn, sunstroke, etc.

• Sunscreens: Sunscreens are essential for protection from UV rays and direct sunlight. It would be best to have a lip balm with the required SPF to protect them from unpredictable weather.

• Medical kit: It is ordinary to get hurt while trekking. It could be major or minor. You must be prepared to tend your wounds. So it would be best if you carried creams for burns, bruises, antiseptic lotions, bandages, band-aids, etc.

• Sunglasses: A good pair of sunglasses is a must to protect your eyes from the sun and dust. Additionally, it gives you a bright look that you can capture forever.

• Trek organizers provide sleeping bags: Usually sleeping bags. Just clear it out, and if they don’t, you must carry one so that you can sleep comfortably and it can keep you warm in all temperatures.


Apart from these things, usual documents and ID proofs are a must carry. These are pretty much everything you will need. You can take different stuff for your easement, but you will have to walk and carry that bulk on your back in the end.

So pack wisely, make sure you don’t bring anything unnecessary, and increase the weight of your backpack. It would be best to inquire with the trek instructor about the weather conditions to modify your stuff accordingly.

Having the right property is the key to survival in temporary adverse conditions. You also need to ensure you are at a good basic fitness level. Trekking for days is not an easy task. But the reward for the hard work and pain will be untouched, pristine, and jaw-dropping scenery unexpired by many people.

Start basic workouts before the trek so that it is easier for you. The basic things you need to do are start taking long walks, leg-based cardio, Stair climbing, train on multiple surfaces, prepare yourself for all weather conditions, and try walking with walking poles. And lastly, make the most out of your trip.

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