event bucket list for sports aficionados

Travel Unlocked: The Ultimate Event Bucket List for Sports Aficionados

We’re already well into a brand-new year full of opportunity, which means many people are examining their life goals and bucket lists, planning, and dreaming for the future. For sports fans, there are some dreams that remain the same throughout the years, like the chance to attend certain high-profile events in real-time, such as the Super Bowl championship game.

For example, just this past February over 70,000 people were present at the live game inside SoFi stadium, accompanied by millions of others watching from home on television. This is also the biggest event for sports betting in America, as each year fans take to online platforms, utilizing discounts and deals from different providers to place a wager on the team they think will come out on top. From start to finish, the entire day and the weeks leading up to it are tailor-made for enthusiastic sports fans.

Of course, watching sports tournaments and championships like the Super Bowl from the sofa is fun and entertaining, but the experience inside the stadium, arena or court is invaluable. This is why all sports fans should have their own bucket list that gives them the space to dream of those sporting events they would like to see live at least once in their lifetime.

Aficionados can cater the list to the sport they love most (golf, football, baseball, etc.), and let their deepest dreams run wild. In this article we do just that, highlighting a few events that should make it onto every fan’s bucket list.

The Olympics (Summer or Winter)

First up is the Olympics, arguably the greatest quadrennial in the history of sports. Although it may be far-reaching to suggest that this make it on to your bucket list, why not dream a little? After all, maybe one day the games will be hosted in your country, and they will be easier to attend. You can look forward to an incredible opening ceremony and weeks of intense competition from the best athletes in the world. Whatever sport you like to watch, there will be something for you here.

In the winter edition, snowboarding, skiing and ice hockey take center stage, so this might be more appealing if you’re interested in these sports rather than gymnastics and swimming, for example. The bottom line is, if you get close to the opportunity of being an Olympics audience member, take it and run!

Wimbledon in London

Wimbledon is the oldest and longest-running event in the sport of tennis, having been founded all the way back in 1877. Its annual venue, the prestigious All England Club in London, has hosted some of the most talented players old and new, from Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, to Roy Emerson and John McEnroe. Wimbledon kicks off at the end of June and runs until around the second week of July. It’s a fantastic sports spectacle to see live in the summer and will give you an opportunity to explore all that London has to offer after the matches have wrapped up.

The Masters in Augusta, Georgia

If you are a golf fan who’s reading this, do yourself a favour and add The Masters to your bucket list. This tournament takes place at the same venue every year – the Augusta National Golf Club in the city of Augusta, Georgia. Head down to the southeastern part of the US to witness some of the best golf talents in riveting competitions that span the course of seven days, starting on May 22.

Although it is quite hard to get tickets to this highly anticipated event, a lottery opens up around March and prospective attendees can apply to catch both practice days and tournament days in real-time. Winners receive a ‘Green Jacket’ that is traditionally given to the victorious golfer and then passed on to the next one the following year. Augusta itself is a beautiful charming southern town that is well worth exploring once you’ve got your golf fix.

Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo

Heading across the pond, we find a European event that Formula 1 supporters should know well: the Monaco Grand Prix. Held in late May or early June, this racing event draws international crowds in their thousands, filling the streets of Monaco’s most popular destination, Monte Carlo. The first Grand Prix took place in 1929, so if you attend this event, you’ll also be stepping into a little slice of sports history that is well cherished by locals. The circuit itself is famously narrow, giving even the most expert racers the challenge of their careers.

So, plan a holiday to the French Riviera around summertime and you might just get the chance to see cars lapping wildly around one of Europe’s most prized cities. Pro tip: the luxurious Casino Square is a great place to view all the action live.

event bucket list for sports aficionados
There’s nothing that beats the ballpark environment at an American baseball game, especially the World Series.

The World Series in the US

Baseball is America’s pastime, so if you find yourself in the country or are planning an upcoming trip soon, try to plan it around the fall season, most specifically October. This is when the World Series, major league baseball’s most important tournament, kicks off.

There are seven games in the series, so if you can swing the money there are several games available to attend. It’s worth it to start saving as the event contains a fan energy unlike any other, particularly during Games 6 and 7, the penultimate and the final. This year, the event will be hosted by Los Angeles at the Dodgers Stadium. Afterwards, stay a while to discover the beautiful state of California and all its other picturesque coastal cities.

FIFA World Cup

We’ve saved the best for last – the FIFA World Cup. For all football fans, attending this quadrennial sports spectacle is the dream of a lifetime. Set in a different country every time, it’s previously been held by Japan, Italy, Germany, Argentina and Mexico, for example. While tickets are costly and airfare is another thing to think about, if you’re able to go, don’t hesitate for a second.

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