Simple Examples Of Using Geometry In Everyday ife

We often say that math is full of abstract disciplines without any practical value that we could use in our everyday lives. However, when it comes to geometry, it’s safe to say that are only a handful of scientific fields that have such a wide application. From the first stick we used for defense or reach to out for food to complex modern-day constructions, geometry has been a part of our lives.

In this article, we’re going to list some simple examples of how geometry facilitates enjoying everyday life and how much we would struggle without the use of this mathematical discipline.

Help with construction work

Thanks to geometry we can seamlessly calculate surface areas, volume, and many other features of physical objects. Geometry allows us to figure out the time it would take to complete certain activities as well. Let’s say we need to fill our pool with water, but we don’t know how much time it would take to finish the job.

Using the dimensions of our pool and the water pump capacity, we can come up with the exact time it would take for water to fill the entire pool. No matter the shape of our pool there’s a formula for volume that we can divide by the amount of water that a pump can push in one hour.

The benefits in this area also include calculating the surface areas we need to cover with paint, woodwork, or tiles. Construction is all about the use of geometry, even with the most basic geometry functions we can make our construction jobs easier and avoid accidents.

What to do if there are problems with the geometry?

Although basic geometry functions offer extensive practical value, sometimes we need to come up with solutions to complex problems. Irregular shapes, too many unknown variables, and other conditions could require an advanced approach.

Using a free service that provides help with math, you could find samples of complex problems that geometry answers or seek out a solution to your question. The online world is full of resources that can help resolve even the most complicated geometric issues.

Nature often provides beautiful geometric solutions that we can mimic and put to use. Online sources of knowledge provide quick and precise pieces of information. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out what’s wrong with our work or how to achieve a certain goal, the internet allows us to deal with any issue like a true problem solver.

Geometry is the foundation of art

Design patterns on our clothes are under the direct influence of geometry. Fashion designers often seek inspiration for their new releases in nature. Geometry is nature’s way of expressing its creativity.

Even the sewing patterns depict geometric shapes that show how to make the strongest stitch. Painters use circles, rectangles, squares, and other geometric shapes to form sketches for their paintings. Moreover, artists use certain geometric principles to achieve different results. The principles of projective geometry help create realistic art pieces.

If we were to present a 3D object on a flat surface, we should use perspective to achieve a realistic representation. Thanks to projective geometry principles that show us the relation between an object and its projection of a flat surface, we can create a realistic 3D image of anything.

Sports are all about geometry

If you have ever seen at least one sports field, you noticed that it’s packed with geometric shapes and figures. From the rectangular shape of the playfield to zones shaped in their way, all the way to the shape of the ball that’s being used.

Athletes also have to understand the influence of angles on the trajectory and speed of the ball’s movement. Through clever angulation of the strike, athletes achieve higher efficiency. Lines on the field help players determine the distance between their position and the position of the goal or a player they wish to engage.

In sports like pool or snooker, geometry is everything. Apart from choosing the angle to hit the ball, we need to consider the angle of reflection. The same goes for basketball too, in case you plan to score off the board. In baseball, the difference in angle of contact with the ball could decide if we’re going to witness a home run or a foul ball.


Pythagoras’ theorem teaches us that we should cut corners if we wish to get to a place faster. We’re surrounded by samples of geometric solutions in nature everywhere from shapes of flowers to beehives. If you’ve ever asked yourself why you’re forced to study geometry in school, think about it the next time you try to hang a framed picture on your wall.

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