factors efficiently ship alcohol

Factors That Will Help You Efficiently Ship Alcohol

Do you often wonder about selling alcohol online? According to reports, online sales of alcohol are a growing market, which has quadrupled significantly from 2019 to 2021. Moreover, it is expected to have a crucial rise in 2022, making the market more dependable and gaining a high demand.

One of the common questions that people wonder is, can you ship alcohol? With the help of acquiring appropriate licenses, a business can offer products to its target consumers. eCommerce website builders are the first and foremost step for a business to start shipping its alcohol products online.

Furthermore, with the help of proper shipping and handling, one can pull together an essential step on shipping alcohol the correct way.

Appropriate Way to Pack Alcohol for Shipping

Most alcohol products are distributed in glass bottles, enhancing and improving the shelf life of the products. This is one of the main reasons alcohol requires an advanced packaging approach, especially when shipping long distances. Some of the most efficient ways of packing alcohol are as follows:

eCommerce Heavy-duty packaging

Regarding alcohol, the containers are usually heavy and require insulated packaging. With the help of boxes with styrofoam cases, one can have a double-walled container, thereby ensuring a safe shipment of heavy containers.

Secure wrapping of each case.

Can you ship alcohol depending on the type? You must ensure that the packaging is efficiently done to avoid spillage or breakage. Foam sheets and packing paper are useful when packing bottles efficiently.

Avoid extreme temperatures.

When shipping in a particular season, you must ensure that the alcoholic bottles and containers avoid extreme temperatures. It not only affects the packaging of the products but might also lead to the breakage of the containers or freezing of the beverages.

Shipping Alcohol via UPS and other best practices

UPS is one of the most effective ways to ship alcohol from one place to another. However, one must meet the requirements and conditions required for shipping alcoholic beverages via UPS.

Licensing Requirements

Alcohol shipped with the help of UPS is usually conducted by a licensed commercial business. This suggests that there must be efficient licenses showcasing the government’s approval for the manufacturing and distribution of alcohol.

Furthermore, UPS also requires sellers to provide them with a signed shipment contract to maintain and adhere to the regulations provided by the law bodies of different states. With the help of a proper and authentic license, UPS can also sell directly to consumers.

Regarding the packaging requirements of UPS, you must ensure the use of corrugated cardboard, molded polystyrene foam, and molded fiber trays. The alcoholic beverages should be placed at the center of the packaging, using firm materials and pads to prevent breakage or spillage.

Legal Requirements

Before shipping, alcohol businesses must sign an Alcohol shipping agreement to smoothly conduct their businesses and protect the shipping company and the business from certain infractions. There are usually two ways to ship alcohol via the shipping company, including licensee to the licensee and licensee to the consumer. It also requires businesses to provide their pricing structure depending on selling their products to international consumers.


Contacting a shipping company that sends packages via FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc., is suggested. The requirements and restrictions will highly depend on the service carrier you choose. A shipping company will ensure everything is on track, from the legal requirements to the efficient packing.

Research the top options in your state and contact the one with positive reviews. You can take referrals from friends and family to know the quality of a service provider.

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