Come To The Garden For Fall And Halloween Home Fun

The weather is not too cool yet (in some parts of the world) where we can still go outside and enjoy the back garden for some fall fun through the end of November. If you have a pool, maybe a heated pool or spa, it’s delightful for entertaining and barbecuing, especially if you celebrate Halloween.

Fall decorating, costumes, pumpkins carving, and perhaps some tricks and treats with a few family members and close friends in the back garden are sure to be a blast with many homes having their outdoors set up as an extension of their living space.

You can find all you’re looking for at Watson’s: We Have all the Fun website. Not only are there accessories if you choose to make it a spooky pool party, but you can find fabulous furnishings to enhance your current set-up, so no one is left standing. And don’t forget the lanterns and the firepit since everyone will want to have fun after the sun goes down – s’mores anyone.

Come To The Garden For Fall And Halloween Home Fun

Everyone loves the fall, and some people enjoy celebrating Halloween with the costumes, the candy, and the pumpkins, and that’s just the adults – 😉.

The idea for safety is to enjoy the festivities in the safety of the garden, inviting several close friends and family to have perhaps tricks or treats hunts and varied other activities for the children’s enjoyment instead of having them go to strangers’ doors.

Many people have their back garden set up as an extension of their living space with all the comforts including furnishings, maybe a pool or spa, a fire pit, barbecue, and if not, there’s plenty of time to go shopping. Read here for guidance on ways to have fun while at home. A few of the fall and Halloween home fun ideas for kids and adults for your garden include:

• A scavenger hunt tricks and treats

Tricks and treats are a child’s favorite part of Halloween, but it’s too easy to merely give them a handout of candy, and no one wants to attempt a trick. The ideal alternative is to have a scavenger hunt in a similar concept as an Easter egg hunt.

Since it will be after dark, there would need to be a specific area sectioned off where the kids would need to stay within and lanterns or lighting of some kind to allow them to see.

Someone will need to have the “answer key,” plus, there should be a couple of hidden treasures for special prizes.

• Pick a theme

Instead of each child needing to decide on a costume (which can lead to challenges for some kids), set a theme to make things easier. Perhaps a character from a book like Winnie the Pooh or another popular series that each kid will easily recognize.

Make sure that each child knows they need to use materials they have inside their home to make their own costumes so that they are creative and simplistic (with only a little help from mom with fabric glue.) Everyone should have a good time, and lots of pictures should be taken and loaded into their personal memory files.

• Pumpkin “carving” contests

Some children might be exceptionally small or young attending the party, meaning no carving, and they don’t want adults to help with their pumpkins. That means no actual carving, which is cool since paint is a fantastic substitution, and kids find it much more satisfying.

Make sure to have a table covered in brown paper to protect it, and use acrylic paints on the pumpkins, so the faces don’t wash off in the weather. This can be one of the “before the sun goes down” activities.

• Nothing says Halloween like s’mores.

Everybody has chocolate s’mores, but have you ever tried fruity s’mores? Make your smores healthy with some raspberries or blueberries. Let the kids pick what they want and assemble their own snacks before going to the fire pit.

No child should get too close to the fire. That’s for the grownups, and these should cool way down before anyone attempts to eat. An added bonus would be to shaker on a few sprinkles on top – it’s a party. Nothing says fun or party to a kid like sprinkles; pile them on!

Final Thought

Whether you celebrate fall or Halloween or not, there’s always a party to be had in the garden. You don’t have to have an apparent cut reason. Perhaps you can merely celebrate the fact that it’s October or maybe celebrate all the birthdays that are happening in the month. Click here to learn how to even make chores a fun activity.

The kids can still dress up as a favorite fairytale character just because it’s fun. That’s the whole idea. No one wants to hear a child say, “I’m bored.” There should never be an occasion for that when there are so many creative ways to avoid that, and they don’t have to be budget intensive.

You can use acrylic paint on large rocks that you find in nature, and the kids would be overjoyed. It genuinely doesn’t take a lot of effort to bring happiness to a child. It simply takes your time and a bit of creativity. Plus, you need to have a back garden. If you live in an apartment, go to the public park – it could work.

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