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Features Of Slots from different Providers for Playing Casino Online

Strategies for slots from different software providers are different. After all, every brand has its own unique script. Below, we’ll reveal some secrets that will help you play at a casino online enjoyably and profitably.

1. NetEnt

The developer is one of the most popular providers with slots hosted in 1000+ online casinos. However, despite a large number of lucrative bonuses and high RTP (90% and higher), it’s quite difficult to stay in the black. The point is in the script (action scenario), which is difficult to predict.

The main recommendation for gamblers is to change a game or online casino after each big jackpot (1,000 bets and more).

The provider saves the user’s win history. Reloading the page, exiting and entering the game will not help.

2. Play’n Go

The games of this brand work according to a clear scenario, so they are predictable. It is enough for the player to carefully study each slot when playing at the casino online and determine the sequence. Examples:

  • In Rise of Merlin, it takes a long time to wait for a winning combination. The probability decreases if 2 bonus symbols appear on the reels in a row. It’s worth reloading the page.
  • In Golden Colts, if the “Most Wanted” mode was activated, then it will continue to appear, and no other functions (Furies and others) will fall on the reels. You can expect a series of wins (4, 5 times).
  • If an additional level with a multiplayer was launched in Ring of Odin, then there is a high chance of hitting a big jackpot. Even if the first time is not lucky, another attempt will be given soon. It is bad if the round was triggered by 3 bonus symbols (no multiplayer).

3. Red Tiger

The software can be recommended to those who prefer long sessions and big wins. Brand peculiarities:

  • The provider keeps the history of bets and winnings of each user. Reloading the page won’t help. If the gambler hits the jackpot (from 500 bets), it is better to change entertainment or an online casino.
  • The developer rarely gives out a big win in the first 50 spins. You need to make up to 300 or 500 spins to hit the jackpot.
  • Slot machines keep the balance, preventing the user from going into a big minus.
  • There is a high probability of getting 1000 or 1500 bets.

In 99%, it is better not to play slots with high dispersion and a large maximum score (10,000+ bets). The probability of winning is minimal.

4. Quick Spin

The main part of the software has low variance. The best strategy is to place up to 50 bets and then change the game to play the casino online. Yet, gains will be small. Playing long sessions is not the best option.

5. Relax Gaming

The main secrets of slot machines:

  • Good opportunities for buying bonuses. The probability of recoupment is higher than in slots from 90% of other manufacturers. But the choice of entertainment is limited.
  • It is recommended to buy from 15+ bonuses.
  • Slots keep the balance during sessions of 300 or 500 spins. The probability of a big win is high.

6. Amatic

The manufacturer has games with different dispersion levels, but the betting strategy for them is similar. Popular Tips:

  • Games with low variance are distinguished by short sessions (up to 60 spins). Then, the probability of winning increases, and the risk decreases, but the profit will be small.
  • If you play slots with high variance, it is better to play up to 50 spins. If they do not bring a big jackpot, it is worth changing the machine. The longer the gambler spins the reels, the more money he loses.

You can hit the biggest jackpot if you choose software with low dispersion but play for doubling. The sequence of cards falling out can be predicted – they are repeated.

7. Big Time Gaming

The provider has slots with high dispersion: you have to wait a long time for the jackpot. Long losing streaks are common. So, you need to get out on time.

8. Pragmatic Play

The provider allows you to win a big jackpot (500 or 1000 bets) in the first 50 or 60 spins. If this does not happen, it is better to change the slot. Long distances make sense in older games. That is, the best strategy is to play up to 70 spins.

These tips will help players succeed in their experiences when playing at the casino online.

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