First Aid For Limping Dogs

When you notice your dog suddenly starts limping, your first instinct is to take care of it as much as you can. But that does not mean you have to suddenly go over the top once your pooch suddenly looks weak and lonely.

Your pet needs professional care like humans. But that does not mean you cannot do anything about the limp. While your animal might require dog leg braces, you don’t have to get one immediately. Here are some first-aid tips for your limping dog.

Do You Have To Worry About A Limp?

A limp might either be severe or not. It can be due to a sudden allergic reaction. Or it can be due to an accident. 

You don’t have to stress yourself too much about it. The first thing you can do is to try and examine the limp. Find out where the limp occurs – left or right, front or back. 

Take note of the physical changes while your dog walks. Does your pet carry a leg while walking? Or does the animal have difficulties walking at all? Does your animal fall to the ground once in a while?

Your Dog Might Be In Pain

Depending on the severity of the limp, your pet will be in pain. Once you notice that is what’s happening, try your best not to examine the affected leg. You might end up hurting your dog even more than before. Keep in mind that dogs are still animals, regardless of training and domestication. They will bite when they need to do so. If your animal suddenly bites you after you try to check the leg, then you better back off for now. 

What You Can Do

The first thing you can do is apply an ice pack to the affected area. Check whether the dog will react to the ice pack. You should do this part for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. Do it at least twice a day. 

You can also check for any foreign items or bodies that may be causing the limp. It can be that your dog has stepped on something, such as a nail, a sharp wooden shard, etc. Try and remove any gently should you discover one. 

Apply antibiotics to the dog’s affected area after removing the foreign body.

Get To A Professional Fast

You should leave the rest to a professional once things become too complicated. You do not want to hurt your pet with home care tips that you do not practice every day. 

But you have to take caution as you prepare your animal for transportation. Several cases show transporting a hurt animal can cause more damage to a limp. You better take caution while doing so. What you can do is support the animal’s limp. Only touch the affected area once you need to do so. 

Stay With Them

Stay with your dog as a doctor gives them the treatment they need. Some doctors might not allow owners. But you can ask first. Like us, animals feel safe when they are with loved ones. Your presence can even help with the healing process. 

Summarizing Everything

You have several things to do once your dog starts limping. But no matter what you do, you shouldn’t panic once they are limping. Assess the situation first, do what you can, and take the dog to a professional if things are too difficult for you to handle.

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