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Flirty Conversation Starters For Online Adult Dating

Due to the massive spread of social networking applications, the virtual world has expanded to include all aspects of our lives. It changed the face of our relationships, whatever their type, or if the term is correct, it developed them to fit in our era.

While some people would choose online dating to find romance, others have found different reasons to implement technology in our lives, like hooking up online or having one of the OnlyFans girls to follow.

Online adult dating applications are one of the most common applications in today’s world. They have given people the opportunity to establish casual relationships that transcend geography, culture, customs and traditions, societies, and any boundaries preventing a person from hooking up with another. Like in the real world and traditional dates, The world of online adult dating has its dictionary of courtship terms.

How to Start a Conversation in online dating

Many phrases can be used. Although these are not the adult conversation starts, you should be aware that no one likes sexting from the very first moment. Keep it normal for a while until you get to know each other more. Here are some of them:

1- You have a beautiful and attractive smile. What makes you smile?

2- Can you give me some fantastic and surprising information that no one but you might know. Impress me.

3- Excuse me, but I saw many pictures of you on your Facebook and Instagram pages. It seems that you love to travel, tell me a little about the places you visited and what place you like the most?

4- In fact, they say that patience is better, but I can’t wait to write to you, and I don’t care if I seem reckless or crazy?

5- It seems that you are related to your family members, and this is clear from your photos and posts, but which of them are closer to you.

6- I envy your family members getting to see you every day, without introductions, without making up, and without making excuses for doing so.

7- What type of food do you like the most? What would you think of someone who cooks for you as an expression of their love?

8- Do you believe in the power of delicious food to create unique relationships when we share it with someone?

9- What is your favorite type of music? Which band do you like the most and why this band in particular?

10- Do you believe in the influence of music on our moods? I feel this is what happened to me with you.

11- May I ask you about the hardest memories that you can’t get rid of, that keep you up all night, for example?

12- Well, you are successful in your life, and you seem ambitious. What motivates you to succeed despite all the difficulties of life?

13- If you had any magical ability to hide, fly, or read people’s minds? What would you want you to possess of these supernatural powers, and why?

14- What places do you like to go to the most? Concerts? Cinema? Book fairs? Restaurants? Amusement Park? Please tell me which of these places you prefer

15- I noticed that you like to read books, what kind of novels do you prefer?

16- By the way, which do you prefer more, novels, books or movies?

17- What was your favorite cartoon character as a child? By the way, I had a Crush that was a cartoon character? Has that happened to you too?

18- How can you always look so charming and elegant? Without even making an effort?

19- This is how I looked when l matched you (emoji with heart eyes).

20- Well, I admit I’m not a scientist, but today I found out that the chemistry between us is amazing.

21- I can’t believe I finally had a conversation with an angel.

22- I don’t think I need beer or alcohol; seeing your face is enough to make me drunk.

23- I don’t mean to exaggerate but being matched with you answers my prayers.

24- This app seems to be really useful, and it has matched me with a great person like you.

25- I’ve lost focus on all my usual tasks. I think of nothing but texting you all the time.


There are countless flirtatious phrases you can start with online adult dating. Some of them are fun, some are cute, some are charming, and some are tacky. The important thing is to make sure that you are exceptional in choosing your phrases to start a successful and promising casual relationship.

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