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Floor And Carpets With Their Top Ten brands

Floor is the ground on which we place ourselves for walking, running, sitting, sleeping and playing, etc. The floor provides a surface for performing different physical activities in our daily life.

Coverings of floor

In the old ages, there was no any trend of covering the ground with hard material which gives it the look of a floor. The floor was merely a simple ground full of soil. It was totally uneven hard and rough which may damage the body parts or injure anyone. With the passage of time, people started covering the ground with wet soil to avoid dirt and to give a smooth surface on the ground.

With further advancement bricks and cement was used to apply over the ground for giving it a better look. With modernization, the grounds were covered with carpets, chips, tiles, etc to give it a beautiful, smooth, attractive, and modern look. You definitely love the “UK Flooring Direct Voucher Code”

Top ten brands of carpets

There are several companies that deal in manufacturing carpets. There are several varieties of carpets ranging in their stuff, size, color, design, etc.

1. Proximity mills

Proximity mills is a brand that used to sell high-performance floor coverings. It is considered one of the best vinyl plank carpeting brands. Its products are highly durable, at a reasonable price, and safe for health because these are GRI green label plus certified. Proximity mills use nylon as the manufacturing fiber. Along with carpets it also sells luxury carpet tiles. These are durable and easily machine washable.

All the carpets provided with Proximity mills have a warranty of 20 years.

2. Doma

Doma is a carpeting brand that is popular for its unique designs and diversity. It is famous for its bold styles and texture of the fabrics used in manufacturing. Doma has about 34 stores with unlimited collections all over the world. Doma uses wool fabrics for its carpets completely. It is also safe for health because it is Green Label Plus-certified.

Because it uses wool in its carpet manufacturing therefore its carpets are strong and more durable. They also possess a warranty of a long duration of 20 years.

3. Paradiso

Paradiso is a flooring company that uses wool as well as poly silk for manufacturing its products. Paradiso is famous for its reasonable prices that are highly affording. One of the unique properties of this brand is that it also provides handmade carpets. Its carpets come with a warranty of about 15 years.

4. Newton

Newton carpeting company aims at providing value in carpets rather than focusing on comfort etc like other companies. It does not deal with bold and many fashionable designs instead Newton Brand’s concerns are based on providing traditional ways of carpeting. The carpets of Newton are manufactured with 6,6 nylon and solution-dyed polyester fabric. Due to its, these focuses its carpets are in highly reasonable ranges and easily afforded. Their carpets come with a warranty of ten to twenty years.

5. Shaw

Shaw is one of the largest companies in the world that deals in flooring. It is included in the list of best carpeting brands. It deals with different manufacturing materials including nylon, different blends, polyester, and polypropylene as well.

All these are utilized to form a reasonably attractive carpet with a good look and comfort. There are more than 330 styles of carpets released from Shaw Company for sale. It provides different warranty claims on its different varieties depending upon the type of material used for forming the carpet.

6. Phenix

Phenix flooring was purchased by Mannington Mills in 2019. One of the unique properties of Phenix manufacturing that differentiates it from other brands is that it adds Microban antimicrobial layer in its stuff that helps in keeping the floor clean. Phoenix is included in the top carpeting brands of the world. It has a wide range of varieties and colors to select from. It focuses on giving natural look to the carpet.

7. Life proof by home depot

This brand provides very cheap products that are easily affordable. It gives the highest warranty period among the top brand. Its carpets come with a warranty of 25 years.

8. Stainmaster by Lowes

Stainmaster by Lowes manufactures carpets that are made up of nylon type 6,6. Initially, it was the only first company that started making carpets of nylon type 6,6. This company offers the following four versions of carpets:

• PetProtect
• Active Family
• TruSoft
• Essentials.

9. Dream Weaver by Engineered Floors

This brand only sells carpets made up of solution-dyed polyester. The color scheme of this brand is unique it majorly focuses on earthy and its related colors like grey, sandy, soil color, rocky, etc. its carpets are inexpensive and affordable. Dream Weaver gives a warranty of 15-25 years for its carpets.

10. Anderson Tuftex

It deals with Type 6,0 Nylon. It has a broad range of carpets with a huge variety ranging in prices. It has three primary collections
• Classics
• Maker
• Pet perfect
• It gives a warranty of 10-20 years.

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