How To Fly Safe During Pandemic?

The COVID-19 breakout has given a new definition to traveling. Although the threat of infection still looms in the air, many destinations are now welcoming travelers.  Air travel has resumed, and the hospitality industry is functional once again. 

While hotels and prime vacation rental properties like Kasa Living are swearing by stringent precautionary measures bailing their guests out of the risk of contracting an infection during their stay, the responsibility of protecting themselves while flying still lies on the shoulders of the travelers. 

As air travel exposes you to many people and commonly touched surfaces, flying in an airplane might come across as disquieting. However, with these easy tips, you can protect yourself in the airport and on the airplane, and arrive safely at your travel destination

Here is how to fly safely during this pandemic.

Book your flight wisely

If possible, try to select a destination closer to your home. If you are flying to a faraway destination, make sure to avoid layovers. It will minimize your exposure to the harmful virus. 

Additionally, educate yourself on the safety measures the airline is taking. Check their cleaning protocols and safety measures they are adopting. Find out whether or not there is an online or contact-free booking option. Book only if you get satisfactory findings. 

Do not go maskless

Going maskless is a sure-shot way of inviting covid infection. Hence, refrain from stepping out without wearing a mask. 

Apart from protecting you from contracting the infection, it will also prevent you from spreading it. So, make it a point to wear a mask, especially if you are ill and not vaccinated. 

A simple thing like wearing a mask goes a long way in protecting you and others. You can buy them in bulk online.

Avoid touching surfaces

With online or contactless check-ins, airlines are doing their best to keep passengers from touching surfaces. However, there are still many commonly touched surfaces that threaten hand hygiene, such as doorknobs, escalator banisters, washroom taps, etc. 

Make sure to practice proper hand hygiene while traveling. Keep yourself from touching common surfaces, and use hand sanitizer (with 60% alcohol). Additionally, do not adjust your mask or touch your face frequently. 

Maintain distance in the terminal

While you can’t help but sit close to someone on the plane, try to spread out in the terminal. 

Airports are often the most crowded places. Hence, maintaining social distance is of utmost importance. Whether you are standing in the security line, waiting for your flight, or boarding your flight, maintain a safe distance of at least six feet from other passengers. 

Do not travel if community spread is high

Before planning your trip, check the status of the destination in question. If you are headed to a destination where community spread is high, reconsider your travel plans.

Also, if community spread is high where you live, there are chances that you might be sick and infect people you meet during the trip. 

In any of these conditions, staying home is advisable. You might not want to cancel your trip, but considering how COVID-19 spreads, postponing the plan would be a better option.

The bottom line

The way air is filtered and circulated in the airplanes, the threat of spreading of virus inside the flight is fairly low. But it does not mean that you can travel freely and safely by air. 

With no social distancing inside the flight and crowd at airport terminals and security lines, anyone can catch the infection. Therefore, it is essential to keep yourself safe during the air journey. 

We hope these tips help you fly safely during this pandemic.

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