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Fortnite Update V17.10: A Way Inside The Mothership?

The developer for Fortnite Epic games has laid the foundation for the big cosmic summer event with the new 17.10 update. Fans have been given more details about the inside of the mothership, and the new mothership deploys UFOs called abductors which actually transports players inside the UFO; the locations for these UFO abductors can be seen on the map; however, they visit in cycles, so it is recommended to investigate them thoroughly. There are OG Fortnite accounts available here.

What’s New?

A new danger has been introduced into the ecosystem that is the Aliens have released parasites which can get attached to your head and drain your health down to 60 however; the shield remains unaffected, and these parasites sort of help you in some ways that they can protect you from headshots and make you jump higher.

However, the parasites can also parasitize animals like wild bores and wolves. If you take damage from these parasitized animals, then their slime will lower your health gradually. If you defeat them, then the parasite jumps on you, and that is considered a better strategy; the parasite population is expected to grow with time.

Battle Royal changes

There are also some changes in Fortnite Battle royale where the alien flying saucers have been hacked by Imagined Order (IO) operatives, so now the alien ship’s plasma barrage life has been reduced, which allows for a bigger window to attack them out of the sky, so in response to this, the recon scanners have been hacked by aliens because of which the recon scanners will take more time to charge and the life for recon bolts has been decreased.

Cosmic Summer Event

The new Cosmic summer event will last till July 5, 2021; this will be an extraterrestrial celebration where you can enjoy some fan-favorite LTMs and unlock summer-themed rewards.

In addition, a new beach attire has been introduced, which you can put on and enjoy the beach. So what if there is a giant mothership in the sky, It should not stop you from having fun in the sun with all these new attractions. Here is what the cosmic summer looks like:

Bugs Fixed

Some major bugs have been fixed with this update, like the issue that allowed players to take damage through cars while in motion has been fixed, an issue that disabled the ability to change loot pools in Battle lab has also been re-enabled the issue preventing Doctor Slone’s and Bunker Jonesy’s entries from completing in the character collection book has been fixed.

Epic Games announced the news for the new update on Twitter in which they said, “A new surprise descends. A way inside the Mothership? Fortnite v17.10 is scheduled for release on June 22”. Unfortunately, the developer took the game offline before the update 17.10 due to server maintenance which lasted around two hours. Here is how to get inside the UFO in the new update v17.10:

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