Funny Steam Names: Make Friends and Join the Community

What makes steam popular is the strong social aspect it brings to gaming as it allows you to chat with your friends while gaming, join forums to discuss games, and try out new demos. You can also stream your gameplay live for your friends or the rest of the community, making it a great place to actually make friends. Check out why having funny steam names can actually be a lot of fun.

Why Choose A Funny Steam Name?

Why Choose A Funny Steam Name

Steam can be quite boring if you’re only playing on it with a few friends or alone. It’s best enjoyed while being connected with its large community through the forums and by joining clans and in-game chats. With over 150 million users on steam, it’s one of the most popular platforms for PC gaming.

One of the quickest ways to attract new gaming buddies in a crowd or even just new friends, in general, is with a sense of humor. And when you’re chatting on a busy forum with several people, having a funny name will make it easier for you to stand out, get noticed, and start a conversation.

How to Choose Your Steam Name?

How to Choose Your Steam Name

You don’t have to put too much thought into it — even a simple play on words can be enough to showcase your witty personality. Here are some simple do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. They are not rules, just think of them as guidelines instead.


#1. Try to keep it authentic and original. Don’t make the same jokes that have already been done before.

#2. Try to make your personality come through in your username.

#3. Make it a memorable and hilarious username. Add a pun.

#4. You can even make references to gaming or movie characters, funny dialogues from movies you like, catchphrases, etc. Some people also make references to historical figures, Remember, there is no shortage of well-educated people on steam.

#5. You can indicate what kinds of games you like to play through your name. E.g. “lastpersonshooter”.

#6. Keep it short and catchy.


#1. Don’t use too many symbols or numbers, like “Cr1tiK@L9964.” It’s boring.

#2. Don’t incorporate too much personal information, like your age or gender, in your name unless you only want to game with your age or gender group.

#3. Don’t just try to sound provocative to be memorable.

#4. Don’t exaggerate your gaming skills through your username. E.g. “EveryonesANoobButMe”. It’s just obnoxious.

#5. You are allowed to be edgy but try to avoid political content. It’s a gaming platform. Nothing wrong with having a political ideology, but it has no connection to gaming so it’s best to keep the worlds separate.

#6. This goes without saying. But do not give away your location or any private information that can be used to reach you.

Funny Steam Name Ideas

Funny Steam Name Ideas

Here are a few examples of funny username names, as promised. We’ll divide this into three sections, one for girls, one for boys and one for hardcore gamers be they men or women.

Most of these are already taken, so take them as rough ideas to create your own unique steam name.

For Girls

• AngelOfDeath
• Icouldbeyourmom
• PistolPrincess
• PurpleBunnySlippers
• Beef_sister
• MotherOfDragons
• NoChildSupport
• Banana_Hammock
• ConfusedGirl
• FedoraTheExplorer
• Op_Rah
• HairyPoppins
• Oprahwindfury
• Crazy_cat_lady
• Applebottomjeans
• Babushka
• Toastedbagelwithcreamcheese
• Avacadorable
• FrostedCupcake
• Joan_of_arks_angel
• Drunkbetch
• MissPiggysDimples
• Reese WitherFork
• Cherry-picked
• Beddy Tear
• Scarah Screams
• BettyBoopsBoop
• I_boop_your_nose
• Vamprika
• SewerSquirrel

For Boys

• Bread Pitt
• Shaquille_oatmeal
• Chickenriceandbeans
• Bigfootisreal
• Nachocheesefries
• Moms Spaghetti
• Colonel_mustards_rope
• Julius Seizure
• Bud Lightyear
• In_jail_out_soon
• A Collection of Cells
• Kissmyaxe
• Last Person Shooter
• IwasReloading
• Well Endowed Penguin
• RyanStartedThe_Global_Warming
• Bruce Jender
• It Hurts When IP
• Jan Claude Van Darn It All
• GrammarJew
• Shrek3OnADvd
• AFKennedy
• Adolf Rage Quitler
• ICantPauseItMom
• The Amish Jedi
• Wiggly Wonka
• Cereal-killer
• Freddie mercuranus
• Calzone_zone

For Gamers

Gamers looking to make a splash or get into streaming need to put a little more thought into their username as it might become the popular persona or moniker used to refer to you. If you’re going to be on steam for the long-term, use a badass or a combination of badass and funny as your gamer username.

• KungFuMonk
• LaGamer
• Murderedbyagirl
• SmilingSadist
• TheZodiacKiller
• Kim Jong Illest
• OdinsWrath
• Inferno Blitz
• Radiant Starshine
• Sars-cov-2
• Look Behind You
• RomanticTorpedo
• Stripyrex
• Fisting Sloth
• Overkill
• VeteranOfDeath
• Mustard Gas
• Nihilist_Assassin
• Count Asscrackula

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Steam Names Unique?

Steam profile names are not unique. It is possible for two users to have both the same name and username. That’s why it is encouraged that you try to be as creative as possible when coming up with a username.

Can Steam Accounts Have Spaces?

You’re allowed to use spaces for your steam profile name. But if you’re creating a new account, you cannot use spaces. Your steam profile name is displayed on your profile while you’re in-game.

How to Change Steam Names?

Changing your steam name is easy and only takes 4 simple steps.

#1. Open the steam application on your Mac or PC. At the top-end of the screen, you should find the word “username” next to “library.” Click on it.

#2. Select “profile” from the drop-down menu.

#3. Select the “Edit Profile” button. It will link you to the page to reset your username.

#4. Change your profile name to whatever you like and that will become your name displayed in-game.

How to Delete a Previous Steam Name?

Steam saves all the usernames you’ve used on the off chance that someone is searching for you after you’ve changed your name. To delete your steam alias history, you can go back to your profile page, click the arrow next to your username, and select “Clear previous aliases.”

A Few Parting Words

Steam is an edgy space with lots of exciting games. To make the most of it, try to be as creative as possible when designing your profile. As a general rule of thumb, any names that are too long and complicated tend to be unfavorable.

Use funny steam names that can convey your personality in some way and help you stand out as witty, funny, and interesting.

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