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Why German Rottweiler Puppies Are The Best Puppies

When it comes to choosing the right dog breed, it’s no secret that you are likely going to have some difficulty settling on just one. All dogs will have their pros and cons, but once you’ve defined exactly what you’re looking for, a big pair of doe eyes may throw all of your carefully thought-out plans out of the window! To help you with your selection, we’re going to talk about what makes German Rottweiler puppies the best dogs.

A silly, loving temperament coupled with calm energy and lots of laughs

You may already have an idea of what a German Rottweiler puppy will look and act like, but the reality is that they are often very different from what you’d expect. They are extremely loving and strong protectors, so they aren’t typically aggressive – but you may run into trouble if they feel like your attentions are directed elsewhere. This means that they don’t typically bond well with other pets and sometimes even children and loved ones.

While this is a negative of the breed, they’re highly trainable – and if you get them while they’re young and establish the correct roles within the family (or pack, as they will see it), you will find that they will fit in well. They will often select one human and love them forever, so in a German Rottweiler, you will have a goofy companion for life.

Did we mention they’re loving?

Your German Rottweiler is likely to give you lots of cuddles and follow you everywhere and this makes them a great selection for individuals who have a more laid-back lifestyle and plenty of time to dedicate to their animal. They are typically very calm dogs and will love long walks in the fresh air, but you’ll often find that they will be happy to get back to the creature comforts of home.

Buying a German Rottweiler puppy

When it comes to finding  German Rottweiler puppies for sale, be sure to find an ethical, reputable seller. The sad news is that there are a host of puppy mills out there, so you could end up with a poorly bred dog that has a host of health and behavioral issues. The right seller however, will give you a puppy that will bond deeply and love you for its entire lifetime.

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