get a gravity gripper in fortnite

How To Get A Gravity Gripper In Fortnite?

Fortnite is no stranger as a game to the online realm of battle royale. It’s been around since 2017 and has had upwards of 125 million players to date. The latest season, 7, is all about aliens, and things are getting a bit crazy! So, here we are with a detailed article on Gravity Gripper in Fortnite.

The Best Gaming OS

Games like Fortnite need to run smoothly, and for gamers, this is a very crucial requirement. The OS needs to be of the best type in order to enhance the gaming experience. Here’s the best gaming operating system for enthusiastic gamers. 

Mayhem, Aliens And Craziness In Season 7!

The new season of the legendary battle royale game has caused many of the online world to jump straight back in. Players who had thus far tried to dodge the tractor beams of the mothership are in for a treat. It is because now the mothership will just simply abduct gamers within themselves!

The game went low-gravity too, after all, this is an alien invasion we’re talking about. Players will now be seen jumping from cover to cover and dodging bullets by just hopping away. Of course, the update also fixes some previous bugs, which is always a plus.

But the best is yet to come! The Gravity Gripper is one of the many new weapons added to the game in update v17.30. And boy, players are already flocking to it!

How Can Gamers Get The Gravity Gripper?

If players have played half-life 2, there’s a good chance that they are already aware of the gravity gun. Well, it’s the same thing here too. This new weapon isn’t hard to come by. So, we’re making a list of all places where gamers can get it from!

  1. The new weapon is in the alien mothership, which abducts gamers.
  2. It can also be found on the tops of Abductors, about three of which are always on the map.
  3. The loot in the crates and the loot dead players might also have it.
  4. It might even spawn on the ground, but don’t really count on that.

It’s a bit hard to come across the Gravity Gripper in loot, so gamers would need to board the alien abductors. In order to get there, players need to get the Legendary and Epic chests and vaults.

Game-Changing Dynamics After The Addition

The weapon was known as the Cowinator until it was officially released. Ever since then, the community has been pretty excited about it. Players can shoot the gun, which would then emit a beam.

Once gamers have faced the gun towards any object, it will become engulfed in the blue beam. Then, a white trajectory line appears to assist the players with shooting the picked-up object.

Pretty neat new feature indeed. The Gravity Gripper adds a lot to the huge weapon arsenal that the game has. Picking things up from afar and taking the enemies out with them is pretty tight!

Players would be now seen running around hurling all sorts of items at each other. However, gamers would probably want to use things like cars and trucks as “weapons” in close ranges! 


To sum it all up, season 7 of Fortnite is getting pretty wild. The Gravity Gripper is quickly becoming a favorite of all players too. Trying to headshot an unsuspecting enemy with a street light, or worse, a kitchen sink is awesome to experience. The abductors sending gamers inside to find a whole new anti-gravity world is also pretty damn good.

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