get reviews on your google business profile listing

How to Get Reviews on Your Google Business Profile Listing?

Google Business Profile refers to a free listing service. It helps increase your business reach by showing you under search results. So, whenever someone searches for a product/service, your business will pop up on the Google page.

However, having a Google Business Profile isn’t enough. It should be ranking high in the search results to be of any benefit. And, as per recent changes, reviews are now playing an important role in the listing ranks.

If you’re struggling to get reviews on your GBP, worry no more because you’ve reached the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get them using:

• GBP Optimization
• Customer Service
• Social Media
• Third-party sites, like

Let’s get started!

Create a Better Google Business Profile

Optimizing the Google Business Profile would help increase the ranks, which ultimately means more people will be able to leave reviews. So, the first thing you must do is revamp the listing.

Focus on the information and check it to ensure accuracy. Make sure everything is up-to-date, ranging from open hours to website links. Apart from this, work on the description.

The description is only 750-characters long. It means you should be careful about space wastage. Only write important information and optimize it by using good keywords.

Keywords are terms that people commonly search on Google. You can find specific and relevant ones using tools like Moz and Ahrefs. Moreover, upload high-quality images and videos of your business.

Ask Your Customers Directly

A great way to collect reviews on your Google Business Profile Listing is to ask your customers directly. However, there are some Google terms that you need to take care of:

• Do not influence by asking for the positive feedback.
• Do not offer discounts and incentives.
• Do not behave rudely when given a negative review.

All these help ensure Google reviews are unbiased, reliable, and transparent. They also protect the rights of customers. You can ask for reviews by sharing the link to your listing.

Share a Link on Social Media

Sometimes businesses have a huge customer base, which makes it impossible to reach out for reviews individually. And, sometimes, businesses don’t want to bother past clients by messaging for a review.

In both cases, sharing a link on your business social media accounts is an excellent idea. For example, you can share the link on the Instagram story and ask previous customers to drop reviews. This way, your work will be done without anyone getting annoyed.

Properly Respond to the Reviews

If you want to encourage customers to shop often and leave reviews, it’s important that you start responding properly.

When a customer takes out his time to give you feedback, it means he cares about the experience and wants to share it. To be a successful business, you should value this effort and respond well.

You can receive various types of reviews; good, bad, and mixed. The bad and mixed ones are the most important ones. It’s because your response will determine the return of the customer.

If you apologize or compensate for the loss, chances are that he will want to give your business another try. Also, the way you deal with the negative review speaks a lot about your business. Anyone who would see a rude or inappropriate reply won’t want to associate with your business.

Use a Third-Party Review Service

Lastly, there are lots of third-party review sites available today. You can take their help to boost your Google Business Profile listing with authentic reviews. These platforms drive local attention to your business listing. All you must do is purchase a package and let them work their magic!

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