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How To Get Rid Of An Old Car? 

Sometimes cars become a “dead weight” for the car owner. The car is bored in the garage or languishing in the parking lot, turning into auto junk. Moreover, when this car with a lien, it can be very difficult to sell such a vehicle. Car owners of junk cars don’t understand exactly how to get rid of a car with a lien. However, you still can sell it if you will contact such a service like JunkCarsUs. 

Such services work for the purchase of any cars. As a rule, they just inspect and evaluate your car. They will complete the transaction and issue the money immediately! However, if you still decide to sell the car yourself, we will give you some tips.

Procedure of selling a junk car

Here we are going to describe your process of selling a car step by step: 

• First, prepare the most detailed ad with high-quality photos, and describe the real condition of the car.

• Don’t expect a quick sale, be patient. Buyers may have to wait weeks or even months.

• Take care of the safety of your car. It is not uncommon for criminals, upon seeing an ad for sale, to steal license plates or threaten to set fire to a car. This way they blackmail, and demand money, realizing that a car owner interested in a quick sale is unlikely to run to law enforcement agencies.

• Find trusted auto repair shops where you can meet potential buyers.

Do you think it might be worth spending money on repairs? It will delay the sale of the car but may raise its value.

The biggest problem that car owners who want to sell broken cars face is the loss of value. Potential buyers will exaggerate the flaws of the car in order to underestimate the price as much as possible. Car owners can lose up to 90% of the value of the car!

If you do not want to go through all the circles of self-selling a faulty car, please contact such services as JunkCarsUS. They guarantee an honest and transparent repurchase of your car within a couple of hours. All clients come by appointment only, so queues and crowds are excluded. The manager deals with each car separately.

The service will inspect the car in several ways in your presence. Then they will evaluate your car using a unique online auction. They will give the money in cash or transfer it to the bank account.

Is it possible to sell a car with a lien?

If the car is pledged to the bank, it does not mean at all that it cannot be bought or sold. Schemes of transactions with such cars have existed for quite a long time, and citizens successfully use them.

The main thing to understand when agreeing to a deal with a mortgaged car is that it is on a bank credit balance. That is, the seller of the car, if he/she does not fully repay the loan during the transaction, through the same transaction transfers his obligations to the bank to the buyer, if the bank gives its consent to such an operation.

If you agree to the transaction, then it is better to carry it out at the bank branch, in which the car is pledged. In the first option, the seller must notify the bank that he is going to pay off his car loan ahead of schedule.

In order for the car to be bought out in accordance with all the rules, it is advisable to invite a notary to the transaction.  The owner of the secured car will agree with the credit institution (bank) and the notary on all issues related to documenting the transaction.

The procedure for repurchasing a secured car in a bank is as follows: the parties sign a sale and purchase agreement certified by a notary, then the buyer pays for the purchase and the seller repays the loan in full by depositing the necessary amount into the bank’s cash desk.

It is clear the procedure may differ depending on the country of sale, but you can always contact the services that buy cars with a lien and they will help you with the procedure.

Is it necessary to repair the body before selling the car?

When the owner of a car notices that his car is already damaged by corrosion, the right thoughts about an urgent sale immediately creep in. If you were going to change the car anyway, then such a find should speed up the process and make it more active.

Car body repair is worth starting if you plan to continue using transport. If a sale or exchange is planned, then the best solution would be to simply show the buyer everything as it is. There are several reasons why a pre-sale body repair does not make sense:

A good restoration will cost a lot, and you will never recoup it in the sale, so it is much easier to give a potential buyer a discount and shift the responsibility for the repair to him.

It is extremely difficult to find good performers, very often they deceive at the stations, perform generally poor-quality work, and take very impressive amounts of money for this.

Sometimes auto body repair delays for months. The craftsmen have such a feature – they estimate the period of a week, but make the car for several months, finding “new” problems.

Moreover, when a potential buyer sees fresh paint on a car for sale, serious doubts creep in about the quality of this car.

In addition, cheap recovery is always noticeable.  This is one of the most unpleasant moments during the sale when even the most inexperienced buyer sees that the elements were partially painted, there are paint color differences, welding seams are visible on the bottom elements, and so on.

Similar troubles await you if you take up the restoration of the car before selling it. It is better to restore transport after corrosion only if you are going to drive it for a long time. Otherwise, it is better to immediately go to the car market.

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