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5 Tricks To Give Your Drawing Room A Contemporary Look

If you’re a fan of modern living room ideas, there are so many things you can mix and match. Even though giving your living room a contemporary look can cut out the frills or laces that antique-style drawing rooms have, it nevertheless gives a really great vibe and feels to your entire house.

After all, the living room is where most of the traffic occurs. Did you know that contemporary-style living rooms are the most popular choice, with 29.09% of houses having them?

In case you wish to incorporate the same look into your own drawing-room, here are five tips and tricks!

1. Choose primary colours

From interior designing to architecture, Germans have meticulous attention to detail when it comes to spicing up the living room. To give this room a contemporary feel, you can try out a typical Bauhaus design with primary colours.

This basically means that you should go for simple geometric patterns like squares or rectangles instead of flashy, abstract shapes. And when you use contrasting colours like soft yellows and blues, your drawing-room brightens up immediately!

You can also place a colourful red and green lamp on the table in front of a mustard yellow curtain. Even though Bauhaus designs and architecture might seem like a tough thing to do, it’s actually pretty simple.

2. Try industrial interiors

Want to do something extra in the living room? Then why not try out an industrial-style design? Concrete-textured walls are the new trend now and they look absolutely dashing! Even abstract paint strokes on a grey wall can look very modern and chic.

To make things look even more beautiful, place a velvet green sofa or ottoman and a dark gold flowerpot in front of the grey wall. Of course, no contemporary wall can look complete without a geometric pattern here and there.

So you can add those details by purchasing square-shaped cushions that have simple geometric designs or motifs on them. Ideas from the Art-deco era can really make your living room look lovely.

3. Have a gallery wall

When you use pastel colours in your living room, your mood automatically gets uplifted. Have a gallery wall filled with some pastel paintings or sketches to make the room look lively and minimalist.

If you wish to buy some premium-quality paintings at affordable rates, you must check out Modern Times, a site for vintage and contemporary furniture, artworks, and upholstery.

From original artworks to stylish, modern-day sculptures, Modern Times has everything you’ll need to make your living room look perfect. Depending on your taste, you can either have a drawing-room bursting with bright colours or a calmer space with muted shades.

4. Study your drawing-room

Before you begin choosing colours and themes for your room, it’s important to study the shape and dimensions. For example, if your living room is small, you wouldn’t want to purchase an oversized lamp.

Similarly, if it’s a huge room, placing tiny rugs can make it look out of shape. Depending on the shape of the room, you can buy furniture and decoration items accordingly. If you don’t know where to get good furniture and decor, you can check out Emfurn for stylish and contemporary furniture.

Try to remove small, cluttery objects to increase the space and add a plant or two for a healthier atmosphere. You can also pull unnecessary pieces away from the wall or rearrange the seating area to make the best out of the space you have. In case you don’t know how to work with your current room scenario, you can always contact an expert interior designer for help.

5. Choose quality, not quantity

A contemporary living room’s first rule is to always look at the quality of the products before the quantity.

Being a minimalist means buying items that are less in number but add a greater depth to the room. You can just buy a few statement pieces that don’t cost a lot and build the living room around them.

Instead of cramming expensive showpieces that end up looking messy, simply go for things that look good and are affordable. Modern Times has one of the best collections of contemporary-style living room decoration objects, so be sure to check their site out for ideas!

Over to you…

When you’re planning to redecorate your living room, it’s important to always choose comfort. Make sure whatever sofas or couches you choose are comfortable and easy to handle. This way, not only will your room look stylish and minimalist but you will also have a grand time relaxing there!

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