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Signs of a Good Freight Agency

How do you choose the right freight agency program? As an independent freight agent, you’ll want to have a reliable team on your side. Your freight program can make or break your experience. With the right program, you can deliver the superb service that your clients expect. So, what sets excellent freight agency programs apart from the rest? Here are some qualities you can look for.

Freight Agency Culture

Don’t underestimate freight agency culture. Even independent freight agents form communities, and freight agency programs form a big part of those communities. Culture makes a big difference. When a positive culture surrounds your work, you can get more enjoyment from your job. What makes a good freight agency culture? First, look for strong values. Does your agency stay committed to hard work, integrity, and the willingness to overcome obstacles? These values contribute to a positive culture.

Next, look for a good work-life balance. In a good freight agent program, people understand that life needs both work and play. A toxic environment, on the other hand, will look down on rest and recovery. Stick with the programs that treat you like a person, not a profit-churning machine. In general, a good freight agency culture values people. It treats people like important parts of a community.

Clear Communication

In the freight business, communication matters. That’s why your freight agency program should have great communication. Do the program leaders listen to you? Do they answer your questions as quickly and thoroughly as possible? When your agency communicates clearly with you, you can communicate more clearly with your clients. This way, you can increase overall client satisfaction.

Good Compensation

Of course, you should also look for good compensation. You put a lot of work into your business, so you want to get the most from it. Good compensation means the difference between a struggling business and a thriving one. Your program should be upfront about your compensation from the beginning.

Some of the best programs even provide tools that help freight agents calculate their potential earnings. This way, they can avoid surprise setbacks. Always ask about compensation before committing to an independent freight agency program.

Multiple Shipping Options

Some independent freight agents broker just one or two types of transportation. Others, once they’ve grown their business, want to expand their options. If you fall into the second category, then you’ll want to make sure that your freight agent program has the options you need. You may start out with standard transportation.

But if you decide to expand your options, your life will be easier if you already work with an agency that has those options. Otherwise, you may have to switch agencies halfway through your career, and that switch might cause some hassle. That hassle can get especially difficult if you have a lot of clients.

Awards and Recognitions

Finally, look for awards and recognitions when choosing an independent freight agent program. You can look for both national and local awards. Freight agencies can earn awards for business growth, workplace culture, and much more.

If a freight agency has won awards or recognitions, the agency will probably have those awards displayed on the website. You can always verify the awards with the award-granting organizations.

Awards can tell you a lot about an agency. They can show you that an agency has a reputation for excellence. When a non-biased third party recognizes a freight agency, you’ll know that it makes a good choice. It’s not always easy to choose your freight agency program. It’s a big decision. By looking for the traits above, you can make that decision a little simpler. It takes some work upfront, but the right program will be worth the effort.

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