What Is Google Maps Snack Pack And A Guide To Out-beat Your Competition?

For the local companies, online marketing is imperative, and to stand out from others, the Google snack pack equally plays a major role. If you are unaware of Google Snack Pack, keep on reading because you’ll get to know in detail why it is important for business growth, what it does, and how to be on top.

Before starting, do you know about half of the searches on Google are people finding local services? This is beneficial for the ones who are found on top of Google and Snack Pack. And if your business is local and you are nowhere on the list, you would now know how it can be achieved.

What to know about Google Snack Pack?

It is also known as “Google-3 pack” or “local pack”, considered as the box which can be seen on top of the Google search. It comprises the top three local businesses about the query that you have searched along with the most essential information.

On the top, the locations will be seen pointed on a map. The information given below depends upon the information that the owner has given. If the entire profile is filled, this is the information that will be listed:

• Google star rating
• Name of the business
• Operation hours
• Address
• Images of the business
• Phone number
• Link of the website
• Total number of reviews
• Directions link on the map

While clicking on the listing, you can go through other information as well, which includes the breaking of the star ratings and selecting the reviews of customers. On devices, you might see less information, but everything can be seen by selecting the result.

Why is Snack Pack essential?

Most of the people usually click on the businesses which are on snack packs if compared to the ones that are on the lower side which is beneficial for local SEO as well. If the local pack is changed from eight to two, various businesses that ranked three through seven saw a decrease in phone calls and online traffic.

People searching for the results believe that the businesses listing in the snack pack have high authority as they are selected by Google to be on top. Most people stick to the result as they get to know everything instantly. They can go through the address of the company, phone number, and working hours and they get the directions only with a click.

How to maintain your place in Snack Pack?

If your business has made a snack pack, get excited about the traffic that it will get. However, you shouldn’t be complacent with the ranking. There are hundreds or thousands of businesses near to you competing for the top three spots, and it’s simple to lose your space.

You should know about everything like the latest changes in algorithms, and you should always improve your SEO strategy. This will help you to maintain your place.

Improve your SEO strategy and get your business in the snack pack while attracting more customers.

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