growing weed on a budget

Growing High-quality Weed On A Budget

Are you looking to cultivate cannabis at home but worried about the cost? Sure, there’s equipment to buy and lights to run, but it’s possible to grow weed indoors and cheap.

With the right tips and armed with some wholesale marijuana seeds, you can lower your 420 garden investment. 

Ready to grow some top-shelf weed on a budget?

Explore our in-depth guide on everything you need to know to keep costs low while cultivating marijuana. We share the ideal setup indoors and out and some general money-saving tips.

General Tips And Tricks To Grow On A Budget

Cutting costs on cannabis garden setup is easier than you might think. Below are some basic ways to save money, whether you hope to grow weed indoors for cheap or outside.

Pick The Right Seeds

You may think planting the odd seed you find in your buds will keep costs low. While it does at the beginning, picking high-quality from the get-go saves you money and stress over time. Go wholesale to enjoy a lower price tag per seed.

When you purchase from a reputable seed bank, you’re guaranteed quality. These sites have years of experience and a dedicated team working on sourcing only the best. Once your seeds germinate, expect healthy crops and a deliciously potent harvest.

Use Clones

Our next tip for a budget weed grow is to cut clones from your existing crops. This trick isn’t cost-free—you must sacrifice a healthy mother plant and keep it in vegging consistently. This crop needs a constant 18/6 light cycle, lots of food, and plenty of space.

In return, you have the opportunity to clip numerous clones from the mother every few weeks. This way, you only need to buy seeds the first time around and can guarantee your favorite strain every time. 

This method works best for an indoor set up so you can control the lighting. Over time, the mother’s yield potential decreases—most growers renew this plant every six months to a year.

Reuse As Much As Possible

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, chances are you’ll be looking to enjoy more than one harvest. A cheap way to grow indoor weed the second time around is to reuse all the tools possible, like:

• Pots
• Shears
• Gloves
• Hoses

Make Your Own Compost

Marijuana fertilizer can be costly. For the cheapest cannabis grow set up inside or out, compost the organic waste from your home. Throw your fruit and vegetable scraps, paper, and cardboard into a bucket for virtually free plant food. 

This method takes a while, but the result is a nutrient-rich growing medium that cannabis crops love. Add composting worms to speed up the process.

Reduce Waste

Many growers are so focused on getting top-notch buds that they forget about the rest of the plant. Use all crop parts to get the most value for money from your cultivation efforts.

After collecting your nugs, use the stems and leaves for tea, cannabis oil, and butter, or to infuse lotions and topicals. 

How To Grow Cannabis Indoors Cheap

Cultivating cannabis inside is usually more costly than out, but a budget indoor grow is doable. For your setup, you need a room or tent and lights and fans to create the ideal environment for plants to flourish. 

Growing weed indoors cheap still requires electricity 24 hours a day, so how can you save money? Our expert tips can help. 

• Build a grow room: Buying a tent to cultivate weed is costly. Save money by transforming a closet or cupboard into a grow room. Cover the walls with reflective material to ensure crops get ultimate light exposure, and voila!

• Use the proper lighting: A vast range of illumination options are available, and it’s hard to pick one. For budget-friendly growing, go with LEDs. These lights cost more to begin with but are more efficient and cheaper to run, saving you cash in the long run.

• Make use of ventilation: Regardless of your budget, never skimp on ventilation. Fans eliminate old, stale air and maintain fresh oxygen circulating in your grow room. Keep plants free of mold, pests, and pathogens to avoid further investment in new seeds when crops die. 

• Choose the suitable medium: For the optimal cheap indoor weed setup, plant your seeds in the soil. To go a step further, make your own super soil. Mix compost, organic fertilizers, and vermiculite and reuse old soil for more savings. 

• Use training techniques: If you know your way around a weed garden, it’s time to use training to your advantage. These methods boost yields and improve bud quality, giving you more value for money. 

The Sea of Green (SOG) is a top budget-friendly option. Grow numerous small plants close together to form a green canopy and enjoy a bumper harvest.

How To Grow Cannabis Outdoors Cheap

The cheapest way to grow weed is usually outdoors. You get to harness the power of sunlight and enjoy plenty of fresh air for optimal ventilation. You can still save money, though.

• Pick the right location: Weed plants love the sun, but too much is damaging, along with harsh wind, rain, and high temperatures. The ideal spot enjoys the sun in the morning but is shaded during the scorching afternoon hours. Make sure there’s a place to keep plants covered in case of harsh conditions.

• Go organic and grow sustainably: If you can plant seeds directly in the ground, you save money on pots. Crops enjoy access to nutrients from the soil and water when it rains. Use compost, as mentioned above, instead of store-bought fertilizer.

Save Money Indoors And Out

Planting outdoors is often more budget-friendly, but you can create a cheap indoor grow setup for weeds. Use our tips above to save money wherever you choose to sow your seeds. Now, hop online, buy some high-quality seeds, and grow your own juicy buds!

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