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From Brainstorming To Polished Prose: A Guide To Essay Composition

The journey from brainstorming to polished prose is akin to a  journey. When you embark on a long journey by train, your eyes soak the varied landscapes created by the omnipotent. If you are aware and conscious, you will realize you are an enriched individual. Thinking is a practice that helps one to excel.

The same theory can be aligned to writing in general and essay writing in particular. Essay writing is a congregation, a collaboration of various skills like brainstorming, the power of imagination, the ability to write structurally correct sentences, maintaining coherence, maintaining the link between paragraphs, research skills, and, most importantly, editing skills.

This article discusses some of the ways through which you can write down an engaging essay.

A Guide To Writing Down Essay Composition

Essay writing is a constant effort to sharpen your prosaic quality. You may have to read numerous essays, prose, and short stories to develop your senses. You may have noticed that each genre that we mentioned has its own structure and logical flow.

Being prosaic denotes you have to successfully arrange and align your thoughts and ideas to create a logical flow. Essay writing is all about arranging the beads to form a necklace. We discuss some core concepts and the specifics of writing an essay composition.


One of the most important steps to writing down an essay is brainstorming. It is a method that involves a spontaneous contribution to creating ideas. This particular technique requires freewheeling discussions. Spontaneity in flow makes the essay enriching and engaging. It increases the readability of the essay.

Brainstorming involves a great deal of research and analysis, and you have to strategize what you like to include and what you do not like to include in your writing. It is a kind of conceptualization of ideas and inputs to weave an engaging essay.

How To Brainstorm For Your Essay?

Everyone has their own idea of writing down an essay. At the same time, everyone has their own way of thinking before writing down an essay. Here we discussed some of the most effective ways to brainstorm prosperity.

Tip1: Set An End Goal

Before you start your brainstorming process, you need to have identified some of the topics you are brainstorming for an essay. Set an end goal for your essay. Identify some ideas that you wish to find out from your brainstorming sessions.

Tip 2: Write Down All Ideas

While writing an essay, you may observe that many thoughts revolve around your mind. Stop and then accumulate them all. Write them on a piece of paper. It can help you research and follow your essay’s logical argument.

Tip 3: Think About What Interests You Most

You may have noticed that you write a better essay on a topic in which you have a better idea.

If a professor gives you an open-ended prompt, use it to develop your distinctive thought and strategy. You have to find out your own chords of engagement.

Tip 4: Consider What You Want To Te Get From Essay (As A Reader)

Do you want to write an engaging essay? The thought process and its development are one of the key elements. Think as a reader while you go through your brainstorming. What are you expecting from an essay when you are the reader?

This reverse mode of thinking can help you reshuffle or, say, refresh your strategy. If you think this way, you will notice different areas or openings where you can think differently.

Tip 5: Free Writing

Great writers have always allowed them the space to free their arms. Free writing takes all the pressures out of your mind and allows diverse thought processes and ideas to seep into your brain.

College essays are not all about the structure but also the flow of expressions. You need free writing, which can help you develop your thoughts- which is essential for creating a new perspective.

The Journey From Brainstorming To A Polished Prose

You may know that the journey from brainstorming to polished writing is not a complete skill that takes time, effort, and, most importantly, practice.

Do you find yourself in troubled waters writing down these college essays? In that case, you need to take the help of an essay writing service. They are professionals who can help you by writing essay assignments and dissertations on your behalf.

You need to know about some of the ways through which you can reach your destination. We have already discussed brainstorming, the first step to your ultimate goal. Now we discuss the others here.

Write Down The First Draft

The first draft is extremely important. After accumulating all the points you have thought out in your essay, write down the first draft. The first draft includes all the points that you start discussing. Create the structure first, and then start writing.

Put all the points clearly in each and every section. Ensure that each section contains a clear idea and framework to help you create the essay body.

Redrafting and Revising

After you have created the body or chunk of writing, let’s revise it thoroughly. Take this process as the fine-tuning process. Highlight the areas which you do not want in your essay. It is more important to understand what you do not need in your essay than what you need in your essay. Highlight some sections in your writing:

  • The arguments that are not clear.
  • The areas where you could have presented the section differently.
  • The passages where you need additional explanation or information.
  • The irrelevant sections or passages in your writing.

Proofreading And Polishing

You have prepared your body of work. Now it’s time to sharpen or polish your writing. The more you read, the more you can find out your mistakes.

Editing skills are the most important step to transforming and elevating a piece of writing to that of a polished work.

You have to invest your time in reading the subject thoroughly. Students also use Artificial Intelligence tools to proofread. These tools identify the grammar and syntactical errors in your writing.

Bringing The Essay To The Close

Essay writing is a long step, and it is filled with its own complexities. It takes time to write them compellingly.

You have to stick to your basics and apply your knowledge continuously. It is the doorway to getting academic success. We hope that you can optimize this guide to write down polished essays.

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