have fun with your bike during weekends

Cool Ways to Have Fun With Your Bike During Weekends

Weekends are here, and you are bored of watching Netflix and dozing on your couch. Why waste your weekend cooped up in your house on such a fine day? Take out your bike, collect dust in the garage, and ride out for an adventure that will make you look forward to your next weekend.

If you are an avid cyclist, try out these creative ways to make cycling even more fun, or if you have given up on bikes, let these trip ideas rekindle your passion for cycling.

1. Try Mountain Biking

The perfect weekend for the adrenaline junkie is to explore the mountain trails. If you haven’t discovered the joys of mountain biking yet, you might have a new passion after your first try. Riding electric bicycles is the best way to make the most of this experience. Not only are these easy to maneuver, but they also make it easier to navigate treacherous mountain trails.

2. Picnic Ride

Take out your bike, some snacks, and good company, and you are ready for a picnic on a fine day. You can ride around parks or cycling tracks and then settle down at a suitable spot to enjoy the scenery.

3. Get A Friend Out On Their Bike

Even mundane activities become brighter with a friend by your side. Make your cycling experience even more memorable with good company. Visit the local park or go on a joy ride to any place your mood dictates. Not only is it a great way to spend the weekend, but it also gets some exercise done. It is a great way to recover from a busy work week.

4. Cycle Dinner Party

A fun twist on the classic dinner party. Each host can serve a different meal course, and the guests can move between houses by cycling. You will burn off calories and work up an appetite for the next course. Not to mention all the gossip you catch up on between courses. It is a win-win situation.

5. Ride Your Bicycle Slowly Between Villages Or Small Towns

If you live in a scenic region, make the most of its beauty by cycling around your local villages and towns. Enjoy the bounties of the rural countryside and sit down with the locals to talk about harvest. You can also, ask about the local gems to visit (every place has them!) and use this opportunity to get to know the town better.

Sharing a drink with locals can be an eye-opening experience and let you see a different perspective from your usual urban settings.

6. Swap The Bike Lanes And Village Roads For Dirt Tracks

Although bike lanes and village roads have a subtle charm that cannot be denied, the hidden trails grow the excitement for the wanderlust traveler. Dirt tracks often lead to hidden gems, and unchartered territory leads to memorable adventures.

7. Try To Bike As Far As You Can In A Day

No, this is not meant to be a punishment but rather a test of your endurance. You are your own hamster. Set your pace as you please. It could be pleasant but still challenging. Use it to push yourself and see how well you can fare. Setting up personal fitness goals can also be a great way to utilize the weekend, but it still leaves room for fun.

8. Organize A Themed Day Tour In Your City/Neighborhood

Oftentimes, we forget our surroundings’ beauty. Your neighborhood is often a tourist destination for others, so you don’t need to venture far to enjoy the bounties around you. Take your local cycling route to visit attractions near you, like the cathedrals, historical sites, or museums, and finish with lunch at your favorite cafe.

9. Bike For The Sunset

There is no need for an excuse to enjoy a beautiful sunset, and what better way than riding along a lake or park trail to bid goodbye to a beautiful day? However, remember to keep the headlamp and lights on for your return trip and practice safe driving.

10. Cycling & Camping

The best combo for a fun-filled weekend is cycling and camping at your favorite spot. You can carry your bike in your car trunk or ride a train or bus to the campsite. Then cycle around the area for the day and at night, set up a tent, and sleep among the stars.

11. Bike Your Way To A Musical Venue

Planning to attend a concert during the weekend? Why not take the bike to the venue? Not only will you be saving significantly on travel costs (concert tickets can be expensive!), but you will also contribute to the environment positively. A fancy ride to the venue, followed by a fun night filled with music and laughter, makes for a great end to a weekend.

12. Load Up With Vitamins While You Pedal

Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be a boring errand to complete. Take out your bike, don your beret, and head to the farmer’s market to enjoy the fresh produce for a Ghibli-inspired trip. That would turn any mundane week into a refreshing time you can look forward to.

13. Join A Quirky Ride

There are bound to be cycling enthusiasts in your neighborhood, and themed cycling events are more common than you think, such as vintage cycling or even marathons. Use the opportunity to communicate with fellow cyclists and exchange ideas and stories. Just check community pages and mark your calendar to catch the next event.

14. Pokemon Go!

If you have kids, why not use the weekends to engage in a fun game of Pokemon Go! with a cycling twist? This is a creative way to engage the kids in an enjoyable outdoor activity while they get some exercise and a good dose of Vitamin D as well. Turn on the ‘Nearby Pokemon’ function, ride to the location, catch the Pokemon, and then head on to the next one.


Cycling is a great way to have fun in general, more so to spend your weekends relaxing and winding down. Tag your family or buddies along or if you prefer being a solo adventurer. There are many ways to have fun and places to explore so be sure to get your bike out of the garage for an adventure next weekend. Happy cycling!

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