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Useful Tips On How To Have Pain-Free Sex

For some people, sex is painful. When a person experiences pain every time that they try to have sex, it can be very off-putting and prevent them from wanting to have sexual encounters. A healthy sex life is a very important part of an overall healthy lifestyle, so it’s important to persevere and to try to reduce pain, instead of giving up on sex altogether.

If you want to make sex less painful, then you are in the right place. This article will break down and explain the most effective ways of reducing sex-related pain:

Use Lubricants

One of the most effective ways of having painless sex is to use lubricants. People who don’t use lubricate often do experience pain to some degree, especially if they are having anal sex. If you are a person that loves anal sex, then it’s crucial that you lubricate. Many recommend using water-soluble lubricant.

If you are going to have anal sex, then you should apply lubricant to the penis of the person who will be penetrating you, and around your anus. Lubricant should also be used by people who have dry vaginas and have difficulty getting aroused.

Relaxed Sex

Another way to reduce the pain of sex is to have sex when you are relaxed and wound down. When you have sex, and you are tense, pain is more likely. It will also be difficult for you to get aroused if you are stressed out or annoyed. This stress and angst could cause vaginal dryness.

In addition, it’s more likely that you or your partner will be rough if you aren’t relaxed. Roughness can cause a lot of pain. Make sure to instruct your partner to be as gentle and calm as possible when they are having sex with you.


Communication is key. Make sure that you tell your sexual partners that you experience pain so that they can be gentle with you. If you don’t warn them beforehand, then, in the heat of the moment, they have no reason to be slow, gentle, or calm, unless that is how they prefer to have sex.

By communicating with your partner, you can both work out a plan for how you will approach sex, and how you will counter the pain that you are experiencing. When you work as a team, you can cut down pain significantly.

Having a Bath

Having a warm bath can make having sex easier and less painful. This is because it relaxes your muscles, relaxes your mind, and can get you in the mood. If you are having a bath before sex, you could also masturbate to warm yourself up. Warming yourself up before sex is a very good way of preparing yourself and reducing pain.

You could also invite your partner into the bath or shower with you if you think that might help. You could ask them to perform oral sex on you to warm you up and prepare you for penetrative sex.

See a Doctor

Visiting a doctor and explaining your pain to them is a good way to get treatment. Doctors may be able to get to the root of your pain and can prescribe medication that will reduce it and make having sex easier. You can make your pain or injuries much worse if you continue having sex and don’t see a doctor.

You can bring a chaperone along to your appointment with you if you feel uncomfortable discussing sex or potentially showing the doctor your private parts. Try to visit a doctor that specializes in sexual health rather than your local physician.

OTC Pain Relief

If you really don’t want to visit a doctor, then at the very least you should pick up an over-the-counter pain reliever. There are many pain relievers that you can pick up, from simple paracetamol to co-codamol. You can take these medicines an hour before you have sex, to give them time to cook in.

You could also pick up an effervescent painkiller; effervescent painkillers are extremely fast-acting. If Cannabis is legalized in the state or country that you live in, then it’s also worthwhile giving that a go.

Apply Ice Pack

After you have sex, you should apply an ice pack to your vulva. This is to reduce inflammation and pain. If you have purchased Cannabis, then you can smoke it or take CBD oil after sex also, in order to reduce pain. Make sure to wrap ice packs in tissue before you use them so that you don’t burn yourself.

If you want to bring the fun back into sex and reduce sex-associated pain, then give each tip here some consideration. You mustn’t persist with sex if you are experiencing pain and should see a doctor, otherwise, your symptoms could get worse.

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