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10 Super Healthy and Delicious Pizza Recipes with Alternative Crusts

Although pizza is often associated with enjoyment, we will not pretend that some world-famous slices, such as a traditional New York cut, are particularly healthful dishes. Although very good, those types of pizzas are typically baked with white flour and frequently crested with meat that has been processed and cheeses.

This popular party food (an NY slice and similar) only uses a little amount of canned tomatoes, which is insufficient for a complete meal because they lack fiber and vitamins. It is not necessary to be that way, of course; pizza can actually be a healthy option.

In order for you to truly relish your pizza night and feel wonderful afterward, we set out to locate the least unhealthy and tastiest pizza options available. These pizza recipes are delicious and nutritious at the same time, and we think that is something to celebrate. They feature carrots in the sauce and crust, as well as the creative use of spaghetti squash. And these are some of the ideas found below…

1. Pizza with Spinach and Artichokes on Whole Wheat

Meyer lemon and pine nuts are what truly make this pizza with spinach and artichokes on whole wheat sparkle. We adore the straightforwardness of the whole wheat crust recipe, which gets sprinkled with basil, lemon zest, garlic, olive oil, and those stronger flavors so they can bake right in.

We wholeheartedly concur with the recipe author Naomi Robinson from the Bakers Royale baking blog that jarred artichoke hearts are worthwhile because they have a far superior texture to canned ones.

2. Pizza with Healthy Falafel

This vegan falafel pizza, which is whole food-forward and free of gluten, wheat, dairy, and meat, is unlike anything you have ever eaten. Numerous fresh herbs, tahini, cumin, and garlic are combined with stewed garbanzo beans and chickpea flour to make the crust.

The topping uses common falafel ingredients like tomatoes, olives, onions, and cucumber, but you could just as well choose more common pizza condiments like cheese and tomato sauce.

3. Pizza Crust with Spaghetti Squash

This pizza crust with spaghetti squash idea demonstrates that cauliflower is far from being the only vegetable that can be used as a pizza crust (we will talk about that in a bit). It will be prepared comparable to cauliflower by being cooked, having the water squeezed out, and then combined with cheese and eggs, yet the result will taste and feel different.

If you have ever substituted spaghetti squash for pasta, incorporating it into pizza will seem like an obvious choice.

4. Pizza with a Cauliflower Crust – A Healthy Recipe

When cauliflower was employed as the primary component of crusts, like in this nutritious pizza that has a cauliflower crust, the entire concept of healthy pizza changed upside down.

Given that it provides a step-by-step lesson online with plenty of images and keeps the pizza toppings fairly straightforward, it is the ideal recipe for anybody new to cauli crusts. Once you master a cauliflower crust, you are sure to use it whenever you want a lighter, healthier pizza crust.

5. Green Vegetable Crust for Pizza

Pizza that is vegetarian need not be uninteresting. They are on the restaurant menus. Even the top organic food delivery services which are good at accommodating specific diets frequently have vegetarian versions of this dish on the menu even though they did not start their offering with pizza. There are also plenty of options for vegetarian takeout pizza as well. Additionally, frozen veggie pizza and kits for preparing homemade vegetarian pizza may be sold in health food stores.

You may use broccoli, spinach, kale, or zucchini in this adaptable recipe for a green vegetable crust for pizza, and we believe it would be fantastic with a mixture of all four.

Whichever vegetables you decide to use, make sure to carefully follow the instructions to drain water for the crispiest crust. Feel free to add more minced garlic; we have prepared this using as many as four or five extra cloves, and we find that it works better to mimic the texture of a typical crust.

6. Pizza Boats with Zucchini

Do you want a ton of pizza? These pizza boats made with zucchini are sure to please.

You will create enough room for every single one of the healthy, delectable additions you can fit inside the zucchini by scraping out the center before roasting. We appreciate that you can cook the boats all at once without having to pre-cook the zucchini, which saves time and work. Follow the advice to finish these bad boys off under the broiler for a few minutes to guarantee properly mushy zucchini and browned cheese.

7. Another Pizza with a Cauliflower Crust – Pizza Supreme

It is time to step it up with the toppings once you have perfected the cauliflower crust. With a ratio of extra veggies, pizza supreme on cauliflower crust provides all the wonderful qualities of a supreme pizza while also being on the healthier side.

If you choose to omit the pepperoni, we sincerely do not think you will actually need it or even miss it, but the uncured turkey pepperoni is also a fairly good option. Banana peppers will provide a lot of zing.

8. Healthy Veggie Tortilla Pizza in 10 Minutes

This 10-minute vegetarian pizza has a whole wheat crust that is not just extremely thin but also constructed from a whole wheat tortilla. Even if this is a prefabricated or ready-made product, you may still reduce your carb intake because it is so thin. Convenience is important from time to time.

It is the ideal option for those who enjoy crispy pizza. To keep things further healthy, we advise adding more zucchini slices and decreasing the amount of mozzarella.

9. Pizza Made with a Sauce from Carrots

This pizza with carrot sauce is very lovely. The inherent sweetness of carrots enhances the allure of the color. To make it healthier without sacrificing any of the brilliant colors, replace the all-purpose flour with a cauliflower crust or white whole wheat.

Anyone apprehensive to attempt this creative and healthy spin on pizza will be won over by the suggestion of preparing the pizzas with an additional layer of French beans to mimic carrot tops.

10. Pizza with a Few Grains and Roasted Vegetables

This roasted vegetables and multigrain pizza has a whole wheat crust that also contains millet flour and oatmeal, so there is no shortage of whole grain deliciousness.

Even while your dough will not be as elastic and supply compared to one prepared with white flour, it will still be delicious. Using bell peppers, mushrooms, and especially zucchini, the veggies to roast are kept simple; but, if you would like, you might add eggplant, broccoli, and sweet potatoes to further enliven the dish.

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