healthy hair care tips

6 Healthy Hair-Care Tips

Our hair deserves as much care as the rest of our body. Whether it is short, long, or something in between, ensuring that your locks are strong and healthy is an important aspect of self-grooming. This includes how often you wash your hair, how you brush it, what products you use, and how you style it. You also need to know the differences between breakage vs new hair growth so that you won’t take the wrong action. If you would like some pointers on how to care for your hair, below are 6 tips that can help.

1. Wet It Less Often

While washing your hair can be a soothing affair, water makes the hair swell and forces the cuticles up through the scalp – this can eventually lead to hair breakage and frizz. Therefore, rather than wet or wash your hair every day, invest in dry shampoo instead. Or better yet, wait a day or two in between hair washes. Your locks will thank you for it!

2. Use Chemical-Free Shampoos

Like most things when it comes to our bodies, it is best to invest in natural or chemical-free shampoo. Ingredients such as parabens or sulfates are great for lathering; however, they can also cause hormone disruptions and irritate the skin. Where possible, look for shampoos that actively avoid these ingredients.

3. Condition Correctly

If you apply conditioner directly to your scalp it can weigh your hair down and cause oiliness. If your hair looks greasy after you condition it, this is one of the main reasons. For example, experts suggest that you work the conditioner into your hair 3 to 4 inches away from your scalp. Remember, your scalp is capable of naturally conditioning your hair at the roots so you can leave that area as it is.

4. Keep Your Head Cool

If your hair is still hot after you have used an iron or blow dryer, it means it is still frying. Much like meat on a grill, leaving your hair at hot temperatures means that it is still cooking. At the end of a drying session, make sure you put your hair dryer on cool and give it a quick blast. Another good tip is to alternate between hot and cold as you blow dry.

5. Do Not Pull Your Hair Too Tight

Whether it is a pony tail or a fancy up-do, tying your hair back too tight can result in balding and hair damage. Over time, it can also cause finer hair to grow weak and thin. So, if you are partial to wearing your hair back, try to make it as loose on the scalp as possible. However, if you do have bald spots which are in need of some hair therapy, places like Harley Street Hair Clinic ( have a variety of treatments available.

6. Use the Right Brushes

While it can be tempting to just use any old brush on your hair, you could actually be doing damage to it. For regular brushing, a wide-toothed comb is ideal for preventing damage. There are also specific brushes that you can use to achieve certain effects. Boar bristle brushes, for instance, enhance smoothness by polishing the cuticle layer, whereas paddle brushes are good for untangling long hair.

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