Heating Repair Services for Your Furnace

Signs You Need Heating Repair Services for Your Furnace

Is your heating system acting up? The last thing you want is to deal with a defective system, especially during winter’s near-freezing temperatures. The biting cold is uncomfortable, exposes you to problems like frostbite and hypothermia, and alleviates asthma signs.

If you notice problems with your heating system, you should have it checked by professional heating repair services. But what are the telltale signs you need heating repair services for your furnace? This article discusses the five most common signs. Read on.

Insufficient Heat From Your Furnace

Your home may feel colder than usual, indicating your furnace is malfunctioning and doesn’t produce sufficient heat. A clogged filter, a faulty thermostat, or a defective heating element may cause the malfunction. This warrants a professional diagnosis to identify and solve the issue.

Poor Quality of Air

Another sign is dry indoor air and the presence of dust. The dryness may result in discomfort, manifesting through static electricity’s uptick or parched skin. Other people might experience increased respiratory issues and allergies. These problems manifest through worsened asthma, congestion, sneezing, and coughing. All these signs mean that the furnace may be circulating allergens, pollutants, or dust because of ductwork issues or a clogged filter.

A Yellow Pilot Light

The color of your furnace’s pilot light says a lot. Therefore, you should be observant. Typically, the pilot light should be blue. If you see a flickering or yellow pilot light, this signifies the presence of carbon monoxide. While highly hazardous, carbon monoxide(CO) is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. According to the Mississippi State Department of Health, severe CO poisoning could lead to brain damage or death.

This change of color is a serious safety issue, and you need to seek heating repair services immediately. In fact, you should treat it as a heating emergency. Therefore, you should contact skilled technicians who are skilled in dealing with emergency repairs.

Your Furnace Makes Unusual Noises

When the furnace starts to produce weird grinding, whirring, or clanking sounds, your system needs repair. These sounds usually signify mechanical issues such as worn-out parts, loose parts, or a broken blower motor. Unattended, worn-out parts may lead to other domino failures or effects on the furnace. They increase the cost of repairs, besides the inconveniences of a damaged system. If you hear such sounds, engage experts for urgent inspection.

Your Furnace is Constantly Cycling On and Off

Short cycling happens when the furnace cycles on and off frequently. It indicates mechanical issues such as a clogged filter, a defective thermostat, or an improperly sized furnace. If this continues, your furnace will be strained, and this may result in more mechanical damage.

Irregularities in the Color or Pattern of the Flame

You may start to notice some irregularities in the flame color from yellow to blue or patterns, such as an uneven or flickering flame. Such irregularities may point to burner cleanliness, pressure, or ventilation issues. This problem needs instant repair services to avoid more mechanical damage.

Excessive Furnace Shut Downs

Each time the furnace shuts off, a significant amount of heat is wasted. The more it remains off, the more the heat is wasted. Ideally, you should keep your furnace on constantly to eliminate instances when fuel is wasted. Consider installing a smaller burner nozzle, which helps burn less fuel each hour.

Take Action

Being careful and acknowledging the abovementioned signs is essential for ensuring the safety and functionality of your furnace. Disregarding the signs may lead to more costly and extensive repairs. Sadly, the heating system may undergo a complete breakdown. At the first sign of trouble, you should seek professional services to ensure the efficiency of your furnace is fully restored.

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