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10 Easy Ways You Can Help The Planet And Yourself

Scientists all over are trying their best to create a healthy future. This healthy future regards our mind, body, and the earth itself. With so many options, such as decentralized clinical trials, scientists are looking for ways that people can help themselves and help the planet. Here are ten key ways you can change your life in a positive way.

1. Locally Sourced Eating 

In your supermarket, fruits and vegetables may have traveled hundreds of miles, thus arriving weeks after they were picked. Farmers’ markets, on the other hand, offer fresh produce from locally grown crops. As well as organic fruits and vegetables, you can ask the farmer if any pesticides or other chemicals were used on them, which could be harmful to the earth or your health.

2. Reusable Drinking

Recent reports have shown that plastic has begun to be found in the water we drink, along with chemical contamination from bottled drinks. This doesn’t bode well for our personal health, especially for younger people. Reusable drink bottles are a great way to avoid disposable plastics and enjoy chemical-free liquids.

It doesn’t stop with bottled water; the rise of throw-away coffee cups has jumped to an all-time high. A thermos or flask will keep your coffee hot all day, meaning you can save money not buying fancy beverages and do your bit to help the environment and your health.

3. Eat Less Meat 

The production of meat has an outstanding impact on the environment, with livestock industries being the reason for over 18 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. On top of this, deforestation to make room for cattle grounds is affecting the oxygen level we receive across the world. As well as helping the earth in a healthy way we can help ourselves.

Studies have shown vegetarians are less likely to be obese, develop heart disease, and have high cholesterol. As humans, we need protein, so if you want to reduce your meat intake, try other food sources such as beans, soy, and peanut butter.

4. Use Old School Cleaning Solutions 

When using harsh cleaning products with powerful chemicals, the environment is inevitably affected. These chemicals have been reported to be one of the leading causes of skin irritations and asthma flare-ups. The products our grandparents used are still quite effective and don’t have the chemical pollution attached to new cleaning products.

White vinegar and natural Castile soaps can be mixed with baking soda and salt to cut through grime and dirt. There are also other natural cleaning products available such as borax and washing soda, which are great for cleaning floors or removing grease stains.

5. Leave the Car at Home 

If you’re not car sharing and taking a solo trip in your SUV, statistically, you’re adding over 1.5 pounds of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere with each mile you drive. When taking short trips, you should think about alternative methods of transport such as walking or cycling.

If you want to make an immediate impact on how you affect the environment, driving habits can be the perfect solution. Opting for cycling or walking also has amazing health benefits giving more reasons to travel this way. A relaxed 6-mile cycle will burn up to 240 calories while walking at a leisurely pace between 2 and 3 miles can help you burn up to 300 or more.

6. Go Organic

Growing your own produce in the garden comes with a range of benefits. You can enjoy a wide range of veggies that are much fresher than store-bought alternatives, taste better, and are much cheaper. Growing vegetables in your garden will remove the fossil fuel consumption required for lorry deliveries to the store and eliminate the possibility of pesticides being used. The exercise benefits and feeling of achievement cannot be matched. Grow, pick and eat something you have grown yourself!

7. Filter Your Water

Water systems in most countries meet EPA tap water quality standards, but some unwanted stuff may still be coming through your faucet, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Water filters that remove common contaminants are available from Consumer Reports. Since Brita recycles used filters, it is not necessary to dispose of them in landfills. Trask recommends Brita water-filtering pitchers for the same reason.

Another impactful way to contribute to the planet’s well-being is by considering septic installation services, which efficiently manage household wastewater and protect local water sources. By incorporating both water filtration and septic solutions, you can make a meaningful difference for the environment and your home.

8. Wear Eco-Friendly Fabrics 

In addition to being toxic to the environment, perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) have been linked to health concerns, including cancer, according to the World Wildlife Fund. It is greener to choose fabrics made of natural fibers, but Trask cautions that not all natural fibers are eco-friendly; cotton is farmed with pesticides, for example.

If you live in an area where clothes made with hemp, organic cotton, wool, or silk are produced, check online for specialty stores that sell garments made with those fabrics. You will minimize your exposure to potentially toxic chemicals and maximize your contribution to the environment.

9. Clean Clothes Differently 

Many dry cleaning companies use certain chemicals that have been found to have human carcinogens, which have been directly linked to cancer development. These chemicals will clean your clothes but also remain in the fabric of your clothes, potentially causing harm to yourself. Wet cleaning technologies use water-based equipment to clean your favorite garments, offering a healthy solution. Air drying clothes after being cleaned is also a great way to save the environment, save on power, and save some money.

10. Plant Trees 

Planting trees is a great way to put back into the environment while also being the perfect family activity. There are many health benefits attached to having a number of trees in your garden, such as reducing air-conditioning costs and raising property prices. Trees are also amazing for the mind as they give calm surroundings.

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