10 Effective Ways To Get The Most Out Of Herbs That Will Improve Your Health

Who doesn’t want to have a healthy body? 

Especially when our longevity depends on having a healthy body!  It’s the preverbal fountain of youth that eludes humans as a whole. But what if you can ensure a longer healthier life simply by utilizing what Mother Nature has given to us?  

Herbs contain nutrients that enhance your health in many ways. Some of which provide you with anti-inflammatory advantages, just like aspirin, whereas others give you the power to fight unhealthy bacteria. 

You can ensure a life-long advantage simply by adding herbs and spices to your diet to improve your health. Herbs are not only flavorful but they also make it simpler to let go of the unhealthy ingredients like sugar, salt and added fat. You can protect your body against illness with herbal formulas created by doctors and scientists in collaboration with herbalists at the natural herb store, found at More Natural Healing.

These herbal formulas and supplements found within this natural herb store are made without fillers and only include specific herbs, targeted for specific needs that carry multiple benefits. There are also many powerful immune-boosting supplements, like cat’s claw extract that reduce oxidative stress by working against free radicals.

Modern science has undoubtedly shown the many perks of utilizing herbs provided by mother nature to improve your overall well-being and health.  We have accumulated research and provided the top 10 world’s healthiest herbs and spices below.  You need only to incorporate them into your daily routine to enjoy all the benefits each one will provide:

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a well-known spice that is found in all sorts of recipes. The spice carries a compound called cinnamaldehyde which is accountable for cinnamon’s healing properties. Cinnamon has a potent antioxidant activity that helps fight inflammation and has shown to lower cholesterol in the blood.     

It helps in lowering the blood sugar level by several mechanisms, by slowly breaking down the carbs in the digestive tract and improving insulin sensitivity. 

2. Cocoa

Cocoa is really a spice full of flavonoids that are antioxidants that have been shown to enhance heart health. These flavonoids help in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure which keep your heart arteries healthy. 

3. Peppermint

Peppermint has a long history of use in medicine and also aromatherapy. It’s an oily component that carries the agents in charge of many health benefits. Using peppermint can enhance pain management in irritable bowel syndrome. It is known to work by relaxing your muscles. Further, the supplement helps to reduce abdominal bloating too. 

4. Basil

This is not regular basil but holy basil that can inhibit the growth of a number of yeasts, bacteria and moulds. It can boost the function of the immune system by expanding specific immune cells in the blood. Holy basil is also related to a decreased blood sugar level before and after meals, also treating anxiety. 

5. Ginger

Ginger is a well-liked spice used for various alternative medicines. Consuming ginger can successfully treat nausea, including morning sickness, chemotherapy and also seasickness. It is likely to have strong anti-inflammatory properties and can also help with pain management. 

6. Rosemary

The vital ingredient in rosemary is familiar as rosmarinic acid. It is a substance to help suppress allergic responses and nasal congestion. It’s properties can help reduce the number of immune cells in nasal mucus and also shorten congestion associated with a stuffy nose. 

7. Sage

Sage is Latin for “to save”. It is a well-known herbal plant known for its healing properties during the middle ages and was even used to contend with the plague. Plus, currently, sage is known to enhance brain function and memory, especially in people with Alzheimer’s.  

The disease Alzheimer is conducted by a drop in the level of acetylcholine; it’s a chemical messenger in the brain. Sage carries the breakdown of acetylcholine.

8. Turmeric

Turmeric which contains curcumin, is a very powerful anti-inflammatory.  This spice contains many compounds with medicinal purposes. One such compound, curcumin is a remarkably powerful antioxidant that helps fight oxidative damage and boost our own body’s antioxidant enzymes.  This strong anti-inflammatory compound can actually “match” the effectiveness of many over-the-counter drugs on the market today.

9. Fenugreek

This well-known cooking spice is capable of enhancing one’s libido and masculinity.  It contains a plant protein that actually helps improve the function of the body’s hormone insulin and has some beneficial effects on blood sugar levels as well.

10. Black Elderberry

In today’s challenging pandemic world, who hasn’t heard of “elderberry” the immune support herb?  This berry is loaded with flavonoid-rich compounds that provide antioxidant protection to cells in your body that are vulnerable to free radicals.  This tiny berry is proven to knock-out deadly issues by reducing virus titers by a magnitude of 4x’s to inhibit a virus at an early point of infection.

This berry also contains at least 13% anthocyanins which provide collagen support and promotes optimal looking skin!

Summing up

The above natural herbs that are found within herbal formulas will not only help you live your best life, but they will boost your immune system.  Whether you consume them through the ingestion of natural herbal supplements or pick them from your back-yard garden, you can be assured that consumption on a regular basis will surely improve your well-being.  

While having them added to your favorite recipe can also provide you with a delicious taste while you improve your health!  Each herb or spice carries its own individual property and benefits… So, based on the diseases you are suffering from, you can find a suitable formula at a natural herb store where they carry various natural herbal supplements.

Keep in mind they are natural and work with your body’s chemistry to create wanted effects over time. 

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