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How to Hire the Best E-commerce Developers

E-commerce development is not an easy task; it requires time, money, lots of effort, and diligence. The quantity of companies offering e-commerce development services grows day by day. However, not all of them are professional, and you may be tricked and deceived.

To elude such situations, you need to know the sequence of steps to be undertaken before hiring a developer for your project. In this article, we develop several tips that will help even hesitant and unready people get aware of the project’s peculiarities and secrets of how to hire bigcommerce developers.

Tips for hiring E-commerce developers

1. Sketch the scheme of the project

Before understanding how you should work, you need to figure out what you work on? You need to have a list of all the requirements of your project. The list should consist of goal determination, information about the budget, the axis of the website and its peculiarities.

2. Check the candidate’s experience

Creating an E-commerce platform is a more complicated task than creating an ordinary website. So first of all, check if your candidate has enough experience of working with E-commerce platforms. The positive answer here will lead you to ask the developer some questions with the help of which you will completely understand what he or she is able to do for you. 

Another option is to ask for his portfolio. A short-termed review of the portfolio will help you figure out whether your requirements will be met by the developer. 

3. Choose the CMS

Your E-commerce website needs a Content Management System.

Content Management system is a key component of an E-commerce website. Depending on the specific features of the website you want to develop, you will need to opt for CMS. There are many of them: Drupal, WooCommerce, WordPress, Joomla, etc. If your developer is experienced enough, you’ll get a valuable piece of advice regarding which of them to choose.

4. Communicate with your developer

Your developer needs your help all the time. Some questions may arise, and if you are not there to support him, he will definitely lose time. Try to often have short calls. Also, if it is possible, organize one live meeting as personal and physical contact and communication are instrumental.

During the call or meeting, you can ask for the project management methodology. A good developer studies the specifications of the project and later on decides which model to use. 

5. Discuss pricing

Discuss the payment performance details with your developer. The latter may need a deposit as a guarantee to go on working with you. The payment may be 50%/50% or the developer is paid the full amount of money as soon as the project is over and already submitted. Try to have these details included in the contract.

6. Discuss future contact, maintenance services, and website support

Let’s suppose the project is submitted, but you face some problems, detect errors and fallouts. You call the developer, you try to contact the company he works in, but no one answers or takes the responsibility to check or review the “fulfilled” task. You think that suchlike things are impossible, but we assure you many liars don’t work professionally and cheat their customers. So, do clarify this kind of thing with your developer when starting to work together.

When you have your desired and ready E-commerce platform at your disposal, you should think about its support and maintenance services. Hiring another developer from another company is not a good option here.

In this way, you will waste time and money, and at the same time, you may risk your website. It is better to trust the same specialist again, being sure that you will be a priority for them between other customers for your loyalty and long-term cooperation. What is more, who draws the plan and works on the project, knows its pros and cons the best.

We are hopeful that following these tips you will successfully hire E-commerce developer for your project.

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