7 Reasons To Hire Essay Writers For Cheap And How To Choose

Recent studies on the academic writing market have shown that these are the main reasons why students order their assignments from professionals:

1. Other disciplines. Even the most diligent students opt to buy multiple essays on minor subjects from specialists to be able to complete an assignment on major disciplines on their own.

2. Chores and family. Not only do teenagers and adolescents hire essay writers from professional writing services like professays. There are a lot of wives and husbands, moms and dads, and other adults among modern students as well. And they have to prioritize their lives, as their children’s upbringing is much more important than another essay.

3. Boring tasks. This is something we can’t help. Not every subject you have in your educational institution is interesting or applicable in life. Some you just have to cover and forget about them forever. Today, students value their time as they always should, and they don’t want to spend it on objectively unnecessary tasks.

4. Socializing and hobbies. These are important parts of college life. We can’t state that progress in studies is more important for the future success of a student than friendly bonds he or she gets in college.

5. Jobs. Many students have to work to be able to pay for their education. Sometimes they have to give up on some of their assignments to work more and pay their bills.

6. Complex topics. This is a common reason among international students who ask for academic assistance. College life is more stressful for ESL students for sure, and writing companies can help these customers to minimize their language barriers.

7. Health issues. Unfortunately, this is one of the main reasons why students seek help. We sincerely hope that this is not your case.

But you know all these reasons better than any marketing specialist, don’t you? What can still be a mystery for customers of writing services is why one should prefer cheap essay companies to free essay banks and expensive professionals. It is not a question for us, though.

Why cheap essay writing services are better than free databases with samples

Essay banks have a great plus: you can download materials there free of charge. However, they are full of pitfalls as well. For example, when you download a paper from an essay bank, you can check it with plagiarism-detection software, but you don’t know how many students before you have chosen the same paper. And you definitely can’t be sure that this particular piece of text wasn’t uploaded to the Turnitin database. Don’t risk your academic reputation like this.

Another major minus of free services is that they are rarely safe. Collecting your electronic address for further spamming is the smallest of evils you can expect from a free service. Since you are not given any guarantees, you are threatened by viruses and phishing programs when you download something from this kind of resource.

You can not be sure of the right formatting and proper structure as well, as you don’t know when the paper of your choice was completed and what were the initial instructions for it.

Why affordable writers are better than expensive academic services

The only situation when you should opt for a specialized service is if you have a specific topic and you can’t find a proper writer on your subject among cheap companies.

In other cases, if you want to improve the quality of your essay, we recommend you to apply for additional options like choosing a top writer or asking for additional revisions of your paper. This will make your essay better than a basic one that was ordered from a specialized writing company.

How to choose a reliable and cheap writing company

So, we’ve persuaded you that it’s better to order your essay from a cheap writing service. But how does one choose a credible one? Here are guarantees every academic assistance service should provide to its customers.

Plagiarism-free guarantee. Even the cheapest custom writing company has to write papers from scratch according to clients’ instructions. Moreover, it should be formatted in the right way so that each piece of text found in resources is properly cited.

• Confidentiality guarantee. All modern sites working for the European and the US market should stick to data protection rules. Reliable services should also take care of customer safety and have a clear privacy policy.

• Money-back guarantee. This is the ultimate guarantee. By giving it, the company ensures you that your satisfaction is more important than money.

• Free revisions. If there is something in your paper you don’t like or if your instructions haven’t been followed thoroughly, you have to be able to apply for a revision and have your paper amended to your liking.

• Numbers and testimonials. Another good way to make sure you’ve chosen a perfect company for your assignment is to check out what others have to say about it. Choose companies who are not afraid to provide you with feedback from independent platforms (like Trustpilot). Pay attention to numbers: how long a company has been on the market, what is its average satisfaction rate, how many disciplines it covers, etc.

We hope that this article has demonstrated to you that you are not alone in your need for academic help, and there are plenty of reasons why one should order a custom paper. We also expect that you will avoid free services, as they are unreliable, and that you won’t pay a fortune for your essay when there is no need. Professional academic writing assistance can be cheap, and we’ve shown you how to choose the right company for this type of online learning service.

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