Pros And Cons Of Hiring Security Guards For Your Business

Business owners and managers understand that security is a crucial part of running and protecting a venture in this day and age, both digitally and physically. Effective security requires a combination of having the right processes in place, training team members, utilizing technology, and understanding threats.

However, sometimes it’s also necessary to go further and hire security guards to help you keep your staff, inventory, property, customers, or other factors safe. If you’re trying to work out whether or not to hire security personnel in the coming months, it’s helpful to understand some of the key pros and cons of doing so.


For starters, security guards act as a significant crime deterrent. Whether you have a hotel, store, warehouse, office, or other location to keep safe, when people see guards on-site, they’re naturally much more hesitant to try to steal or vandalize property. Most criminals think twice before targeting a spot with guards and tend to move on to other premises instead.

Another benefit of hiring security patrol services is that they help people to feel safer. Your employees are sure to be less worried about staying late to work in the office or walking to and from their cars in the dark if they know guards are in the area keeping patrol of things.

The same goes for shops or warehouses with valuable stock where staff members may be concerned about being held up at gunpoint or otherwise coming into harm’s way due to the lure of the goods on-site. Plus, security guards help make your customers feel safer, and, if you have investors or other stakeholders who need to feel comfortable about your security measures, these workers can make a big difference.

Security guards are trained to notice crimes taking place or suspicious-looking characters in the vicinity. This means they can help with much faster crime spotting, to not only help mitigate the risks of crime in the first place but also to stop criminals from being able to get away with so much because they’re stopped in the act first.

Furthermore, the guards you hire can note and report information about crimes to the police if needed. In turn, it’s more likely that the police will catch the criminals and find your stolen property or data. The guards can help with insurance claims and other documentation, too.

Another reason to consider bringing some security guards on board is that they can help in an emergency. If someone has an accident, falls sick all of a sudden, a fight breaks out, or some other issue arises, guards can assist those who are injured or hurt or at risk. They’re usually trained to evacuate locations fast and in basic CPR and other first aid, making them a big plus to have around.

In the face of evolving security needs, security teams incorporate an intercom or earbud communication system into their toolkit, further enhancing their effectiveness. This technology enables seamless, real-time communication among guards, ensuring a swift and coordinated response to unfolding situations.

Other pros of hiring security guards are that they can direct customers to the right spot or help with other limited customer service as needed. They can help with brand recognition, too, particularly if you ask them to wear business-branded shirts or caps or the like.


As you can see, there are many reasons to hire guards for your business. However, you do need to consider the potential downsides. One of the biggest things is the cost. Having these extra personnel on-site can, of course, be expensive, especially if you need to hire people for weekends and late-night hours. However, these costs may be mitigated in some ways if your insurance costs reduce due to having guards on-site, and you can save yourself a lot of money, time, and energy if the guards help to prevent theft and other issues.

There is some potential for lawsuits or other legal problems to arise if guards get hurt while on duty, make a claim against you or one of your staff members, or if they hurt a customer or employee if they get too aggressive or make a mistake. These things should be mitigated through insurance, but always check the fine print so you know for sure.

Also, guards could create business interruptions if they’re not suitable or trained adequately, and they could make customers or staff feel nervous or too watched. They may fall asleep or become distracted on the job, meaning that they’re less effective, too.

Weigh up the pros and cons of hiring security guards for your business and see if it will be worthwhile for your situation. Don’t be afraid to ask security firms many questions to find out any information you need to know to make your decision and take your time evaluating firms before selecting one.

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