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Historical Gambling Facts You May Not Have Known Before

Many prefer spinning the reel in their spare time without even thinking about how exciting and rich the history of this entertainment is. It’s an authentic culture that has been supported for many centuries!

Even though officially the first land-based gaming hall was opened in Venice in 1638, the roots of this pastime go far into the past. For example, it is believed that dice appeared in Ancient China more than 2500 years ago, and more modernized versions of classic games have come to our present. And we have gathered some well-known stories that will help you delve deeper into the sphere.

Why Are Fruits Considered the Classic Slot Symbols?

Some countries still don’t allow playing slots and table games, but modern fans of mrbet find loopholes to get around the existing prohibitions. The same worked for many centuries: for instance, in 1980, a law banning online slots and card games was passed.

However, the desire of the players to get a dose of adrenaline turned out to be higher, and the providers came up with machines that dispensed chewing gum instead of cash. Accordingly, their tastes were added to the screen instead of showing card suits (which were also banned).

As we know, the ban was lifted, but fruit slots have already become popular among casino visitors and are still considered classics. That is why the developers kept everything the same and continued to release themed games.

Eating Dice as a Way to Avoid Bans

Gum isn’t the weirdest taboo evasion out there. Of course, people have always loved gambling, and while casinos were not allowed, players still organized underground clubs. They often did not have any slot machines: the participants played those games that involved the use of a die, for example, craps.

In case of police invasions, the participants immediately ate the dice. Quite an unusual way to shirk responsibility, but it really worked. There were rumors that the owners of such establishments hired separate staff to hide evidence and not expose guests to potential digestive problems.

The First Slot Machine Was Not Installed in a Casino

Where else can you install slot machines besides a gambling establishment? You will be surprised by the correct answer! Charles May is a famous figure in gambling history since he was the one who invented the first slot machine. However, he couldn’t even imagine his development would later become so popular and just placed it in his auto shop. The man has been repairing cars all his life and did not want his customers to get bored waiting.

Gaming halls soon learned about an incredible invention and urgently wanted the same devices. Just imagine that the public could never see this development! In the 21st century, slots are considered the most popular games in both land-based and online casinos, and it’s hard to imagine the gambling world without them.

Psychological Trick to Earn Millions

The first slot machines were not as big as the modern ones and had small screens. Herbert Mill, a well-known psychologist, suggested that the developers increase it.

Eventually, the player can see the resulting outcome and those combinations that could fall out if the reel stopped earlier or later. And it became a revolution! Gamblers who saw that the desired result was so close re-bet and ended up leaving more money for the gaming house. Slot machines are still with a large screen, but it’s rather a necessity in modern casinos since new games have more features in the gameplay.

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