home based bitcoin mining

A Complete guide about home-based bitcoin mining:

Simply put, cryptocurrency mining is creating new digital currencies called “coins” or “tokens” to be used as an instrument of trade and as a means to produce extra revenue. Visit the Platform to know more details about the bitcoin trading strategy. Each coin represents a specific monetary value, which can be used either for transactions between people or in exchange for future services rendered by the issuer.

Mining cryptocurrencies includes solving transactions, processing blocks and verifying transactions on the blockchain, providing security to its users by making it more difficult to cheat or double spend. The below-listed portion will focus on home-based mining and how you can embrace your mining venture.

1. Get a bitcoin mining rig:

Mining hardware is the physical infrastructure on which mining is happening. This hardware may be owned and operated by the miner or rented from different mining companies. The essential components of a home-based mining system include.

Best bitcoin mining hardware:

1. ASICs:

ASICs are the most efficient hardware for mining cryptocurrency protocols. They can mine at a significantly higher rate than CPUs and GPUs. There are hundreds of ASIC companies that have developed such hardware. The few companies that provide ASICs include BitMinter, CEX.io, Hashfast, Butterfly Labs, CoinTerra etc.

2. GPUs:

Graphics card computing platforms include ATI and NVIDIA chipsets that enable easy processing of computer programs (graphics processing units). It makes them ideal for crypto-mining as these platforms enable faster transactions across the network by implementing a video signal or “GPU”, which goes into the processing unit.

2. Pool your resources

Once you have acquired a mining rig, it’s time to join a mining pool wherein mining will happen collectively instead of individually. A pool consists of a group of miners who ‘pool’ their computing power together to generate more accumulated hashing power that people can direct towards numerous blockchain networks to solve complex computations to mine cryptocurrencies as fast as possible and thereby claim rewards.

So, join a bitcoin mining pool and share your resources, processing power and expertise to increase your mining income.

3. Get mining software:

There are all sorts of mining software available online, but the ones you can use on your own home-based computer are much better options and require less effort. Again, it would be best if you chose software compatible with the mining rig you purchased from the manufacturer.

There are several different types of miners you can choose from, and they all have different types of requirements. The first thing to look at when choosing a mining software is its price; this is where things get tricky because, to earn bitcoin, you need a miner to be able to mine bitcoins, but many factors determine the price of a miner, including technical specs and its demand in the market.

Best bitcoin mining software is:

a) CG Miner:

CG miner is fast, easy to use and available to work on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. This software allows you to mine BTC and LTC on your local computer simultaneously and can be used by beginners.

b) Minergate:

It is an excellent option for beginners because it provides an easy user interface with simple instructions that help users to get started immediately. It supports numerous cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, litecoin and others like DASH, Ethereum, and Zcash. This software can be used for both solo and pooled mining, provided you have enough processing power.

There is also a paid version of this miner, which provides additional benefits but is unnecessary for getting started with bitcoin mining.

c) BFG Miner:

This miner claims that they provide the fastest and cleanest mining experience available. In addition, BFG miner provides a user-friendly interface, supports the most popular currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero, and offers users an easy start with powerful features like customized overclocking or monitoring multiple rigs.


Home-based bitcoin mining is as viable as its more traditional counterpart. It’s a less risky and cost-efficient way for people to make extra income by being in charge of specific hardware capable of solving complex computations and earning new bitcoins.

The process of mining coins is more effortless than when working from a remote location, where you need to spend more money and equipment on rent that not only will you not get anything from but will also keep you tied to one location. Therefore, home-based bitcoin mining is for those who are not very tech savvy and willing, after some time can get their hands on the proper hardware needed for a fast start making money out of this process.

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